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Letters to things July

Things are a bit nutty around here. Tomorrow I teach my yoga practicum, 25 minute class for the first time and Wednesday we sit for our final exam (three hour exam). Thursday we have graduation (assuming I pass) and Friday morning I fly to Colorado. (Excited). Saturday I  am going to pick up my car from Winter Park and Sunday I move into my old/ new house. So ……… I may be a bit quiet on here…… For now I am soaking up my last few days in Costa RicaView full post »

If I cannot stay then simply take me home

Today during one of our lectures, Amy told me that I had ADD. (I could not sit still). I laughed then smiled and then pouted. I am restless. My mind is racing. I find myself waking up at night making lists of to dos in my brain. At the same time on the other side of my brain I am repeating yoga poses, inhale and exhale. What has my life come to? One year ago Friday, July 4, 2012, I was boarding a plane to meet my friends in Munich, Germany to travel for ten days. Just the day before, July 3,View full post »

More truth about yoga school

I am almost two weeks into my yoga teacher training. I am getting in the routine more and have given more thought about the fact that I will be moving back to Denver in two and half weeks. (excited!) (As well the Rockies season is in full swing and the Broncos are just behind that). My thoughts on my time here are a bit mixed. I love it one second, I hate it the next. It is hard…… but overall it has been really fun. I must admit this has taught me more in the last twoView full post »

Yoga Q&A 101

Long overdue post about me going to yoga teacher training and my yoga love……A little background, about two years ago I bought a groupon with a friend for a hot yoga studio in Denver that gave me 30 days unlimited at the studio for $45.00. If you take hot yoga regularly you know it is expensive so this was a steal. I had taken regular yoga classes at the 24 hr gym in Denver but never tried hot.Welp long story short, I went to a class and then went the next day and thenView full post »

Home Again. Yoga School Pura Vida Costa Rica!?!

I am home. Honduras home again. The next time I board a plane I will be heading to the States for good. In many ways I look forward to that day in July but in so many more ways, it feels really good to be home in Honduras. After waiting a few moments for my taxi at the airport this afternoon, I heard my name called from across the airport.  After confirming that the voice was in fact trying to get my attention, I recognized friends of mine. (they were dropping someone off at theView full post »

DAY 30!

Sunday I posted after I got home from our girls weekend in Copan and I promised a recap soon but I think this may have to wait yet again…. I promise soon. Yesterday I accepted the reality that my kids are going to break my heart. Break my heart as in leaving them may quite possibly be the hardest thing I have ever done. I stood next to one of the boys today and he seemed as though he had grown a foot this year. They are getting bigger, smarter, sweeter, more of pain and I love them moreView full post »

Shavasana Sunday

Run/Walk with Alison at 7am. Fruit and Vegetable shopping after. Breakfast with roasted cabbage (yes I eat vegetables for breakfast sometimes). Skype with my parents for an hour. Bike ride to the D and D. Hire a tuk tuk to place the Kayak on top of the Tuk Tuk to get it to the canal. Kayak down the canal out into the lake. Marvel at the beauty of the lake on our very sunny day. Mention that it is like we live in Jurassic Park it is so beautiful. Float in the Kayak. Row back up the canal. Hire aView full post »

Rainy Wednesday

My kids. My boys. Let me first talk about a few boys in my class. They push, shove, fight and I feel helpless. I do not know if they are just playing or if they are truly fighting. I yell. I get upset and they look a me with droopy eyes and I feel bad. I am supposed to love well. I supposed to teach them joy and patience. And let me tell you I feel that it is often in short supply. It has rained for two days straight. I wonder how there is still water to fall. One of those questions I think IView full post »

Monday a Bit Late

*** Disclaimer this post is coming a bit late because we have been without internet. This was my Monday. Spanish. My spanish needs some help. Slowly I am learning but I realize that if I want to leave this country and be able to articulate and understand I need more practice. Sunday after a good long run by myself (yes I ran alone for the first time, now that I am familiar with where I am, I took a gravel road through farms in the sun, it was one of my favorite runs since IView full post »