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Thank You

Where do I go from here? That is the looming thought I have regarding this space. (truth is I still am not sure what this space will become) At this particular moment I have come down with a terrible cold and cough. Two back to back weekends of traveling have finally caught up with me. I am exhausted. I think assuming that my body is back to where it used to be would be an unfair assessment. And the other part of that is that I am often pushing myself too much… and not taking the time toView full post »

Celebrating Stephanies forever when I have trouble believing in my own

This morning I know I need to write about the wedding weekend but all I can think about is what happened yesterday on my plane ride from Guatemala to Houston. I boarded the flight and found my seat next to the window. I rested my head soon after boarding, struggling to get comfortable. The previous evening I did not sleep well and I could tell the adrenaline from the weekend had worn off. I was exhausted. A couple sitting next to me on the plane, asked why I was visiting Guatemala? I quicklyView full post »

Sometimes you really do just have to show up. Surprising In Guatemala

Written while in Denver airport: (forgive my errors, this was from my phone). Soon more pictures.Wednesday evening my parents and I left my appointment. I held my head high, diplomatically discussed my options about treatment until I gazed down at my phone and I was bombarded with posts of my best friends in Guatemala celebrating Stephanie’s upcoming wedding. The tears began to fall. How is it that I sit here learning whether I will undergo chemotherapy? or how Likely it is my Cancer toView full post »