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I am strong

I spent the rest of my day Monday and Tuesday trying to feeling better. After adjusting some medicine, and applying a steroid cream for the rash on my head, I was on the mend. By Wednesday morning the rash was fading and my body felt more stable. It took about one full week after chemotherapy before I started to regain my strength…. I would love to say that I am getting the hang of the chemotherapy song and dance, knowing what to expect and anticipate but that would not be true. ThisView full post »

To the Little One on Her Bike

I have tried to sit down and write a few times but I can’t seem to muster the strength to do so. My intended plans to go to work today have me at home. For the past couple hours I have found myself buried under blankets with a heating pad. Praying the shivering and achy will pass. It is miserable. My fingers do not have any feeling at this moment, so I have been trying to warm them up. But I am writing not because I want to complain about the side effects (I mean I do want toView full post »

Real Milestones

I often wonder what I was doing this very day one year ago. Although it has not even been a full year of living in the States, I often find myself replaying my life abroad. I imagine waking up in our house to turn off my fan that I nearly tripped over each day. I remember learning that there was nothing to turn off because the power was out,  my fan was already off. This discovery then led me to accept the fact that I cannot flush the toilet because the water is as well turned off. AndView full post »

My Cup Is Full

I forgot how to write. I forgot the power of words. I forgot how much this place (my blog) allowed me to live in the present. This place allowed me to share my heart. The truth is I never felt that the past few (7) months were much to write about. I was not living in a third world country anymore, I was not chasing mice out of our house or climbing volcanoes on the weekends. I felt that today’s story was one that didn’t amount to much of anything. So I remained silent. But alas hereView full post »

For What Once Was

The videos that capture the laughter, my kids singing “Deck the Halls” (or screaming rather for the hundredth time), photos of me riding in the back of a pickup truck through the country, smiling at the faces of my second graders that I once got to stare into each day of the week, reminiscing my Birthday that I spent on the river in Guatemala last November, or admiring the Volcanoes that stood amidst the sunset in Antigua Thanksgiving in 2012. My heart longs for that place inView full post »

Feeling Like Myself

Today I woke up while my roommate packed her bags to visit the Parque de Manuel Antonio on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Today is our day off from Yoga classes. We start again tomorrow morning with our 6 am practice. So it is our one of three days off that we get for the whole month…… I opted out of joining the big group to head to the park for a number of reasons…. for starters I am exhausted, the journey was long and the park is nearly 4 hours away.View full post »

The Truth about Yoga School

Week 1 is complete… well nearly complete. I continue to ride waves of emotions, absence from Honduras, the in-between before what is next… but am taking it in strides. To all of you who wrote me kind messages, I sincerely appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you…..I have been meaning to write about the truth about Yoga School. Simple observations and things that are happening here…. Enjoy: It is Exhausting  Our schedule as I already mentioned is intense and forView full post »

Forgive Me

Forgive me if I am not excited. If I don’t cry tears of joy upon touching down in the US.  Forgive me while my heart heals, be patient while my heart mends or while my heart figures out where it is supposed to be. At this moment, I am achy and running a fever. I am not sure if I am genuinely sick or if the hours of heated room yoga, and all natural food is finally sending my body into intensive detox. I have now been getting sick for the last twenty four hours, which only cultivatesView full post »

Hello Quadracepts and Yogic Anatomy

I think I now know what it feels like to be in summer intensive training for fall sports. (like a high school football player). I just took ibuprofen, nearly cried trying to sit down to go to the restroom. Hello quadriceps and butt muscles and everything in between. I have in my life never been this sore before. I ache….. but its good I suppose??? Maybe. I could barely digest my dinner because my stomach and body muscles are so not used to this. A small recap of my day at yoga school:View full post »