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Thank You

Where do I go from here? That is the looming thought I have regarding this space. (truth is I still am not sure what this space will become) At this particular moment I have come down with a terrible cold and cough. Two back to back weekends of traveling have finally caught up with me. I am exhausted. I think assuming that my body is back to where it used to be would be an unfair assessment. And the other part of that is that I am often pushing myself too much… and not taking the time toView full post »

Central American Sunday…..

When sharing about my last year to a lady at dinner last evening she kindly asked……”Why are you going back to the States? Why did you leave?” She asked me. “I can tell in the way you speak that you are so passionate and you are so grateful for your time there.”  I smiled. Took a big deep breath. “Well……..” I explained, came up with a handful of reasons but proudly said I am excited to be back close to family, friends and back inView full post »

San Juan del Surf….

Monday around lunch time I checked in to my hostel Pacha Mama, just one block west of the ocean front. Judging by the record book of passports I am the only American staying and have been the only one that has checked in for the past few weeks. I think we can thank the US. Government and narrow minded news coverage for that. The horrid stories and overly advertised warnings about this part of the world has led many to visit other places. With that being said, I could  not be moreView full post »

Real adventure – forces you to have firsthand encounters with the world.

Last night we said goodbye Thomas. An impromptu acoustic singalong occurred in our room after dinner…. one guitar, seven of us circled around, singing along with lyrics, the final sips of wine and a candle slowly burning away. Singing along to Oasis, Wonderwall, Damien Rice and Hallelujah …. with small bits of laughter, only to suppress the emotional reality that we have only two weeks left together… I look at pictures of my kids and tears begin to welpView full post »

Tegucigalpa x2

Long overdue weekend recap…..Last Friday at school was the Dia De Familia. (family day) It was a hot, long and exhausting program but my kids did so good. 🙂  In true Honduran time the program was set to start around 1:00 pm, which meant it started quarter till 2:00 pm… and did not finish until 5:30 pm. (could you imagine being a parent and sitting that long???)   Leaving the program before it finished we caught the bus around 4:30 pm and were Tegucigalpa bound.View full post »

The Truth About Honduras

If you a do a google search of Honduras. (Don’t worry if you googled because you are not sure where it is on the map) You will probably find the following words come to the top of your findings: coup in 2009, murder, drug cartels, poverty, earthquake and hurricanes. You will probably discover the US Governments strong advisement that Americans should be careful when traveling here or that they should otherwise go someplace else on your travels. What google search does not tell nor do theView full post »

24 hours in Tegucigalpa

One thing I wish would do itself……. grading kids papers.  But I must say listening to James Taylor while doing it… eases the pain a bit.. I am a bit late on the recap from the weekend. Perhaps it is because it was so great that I am afraid words will not do it justice or I am simply coming to realize that this chapter in Honduras is coming to a close more quickly then I realize. Suddenly I feel a bit rushed and busy, so the blog was not a priority….. But alasView full post »

Were the three best friends…..Tela, Honduras

“The beach, where doing absolutely nothing is doing something” Friday after taking a quick photo with one of my very favorite girls Jency, (lives with Alison at the Eternal Family Project) Matt, Kylie and I were beach bound for the weekend…. We hired a taxi to drop us off in the town of El Progresso. After buying a necessary chunky chocolate chip cookie (for me) at Dunkin Donuts and Ice-cream for Kylie at Baskin Robins we stood on the side of the roadView full post »

Been a while… Weekend in Rio Dulce, Guatemala

Back in Pena Blanca after a memorable weekend spent in Guatemala. Rio Dulce is a town nestled on the river thats opens to the Caribbean.  It is a beautiful town, filled with sail boats, local fisherman and fancy yachts that have made there way South…… Guatemala as you are already aware is one of my favorite countries and once again this weekend it lived up to its expectations…. Here is a map…. You can see how is it nestled just on the border of Belize, GuatemalaView full post »