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Guatemala, Antigua. Thanksgiving.

Rio Dulce weekend last weekend for our visas. three days of school and then we were off to Guatemala again. This time to stay with my best friend since middle school. Kate and Alison went to the island of Utila, Matt and Philip went to the Pacific coast of Honduras and the three of us girls went to Guatemala City and then on to Antiqua. Guatemala stole my heart once again.I was grinning and happy the whole weekend. In brief summary we ate. drank. shopped. ate. drank. looked a beautiful thingsView full post »


Things always look the same when you come back after being gone from some place for a while. They tend to do that. We change but things often stay the same.  With much anticipation I look forward to December. Coming home. Nothing like coming home for Christmas.  I have gone longer without seeing my family but something about being here. living here. doing this. makes me believe the embrace and reuniting at Christmas will be one of the most sweet moments. Living in a country such aView full post »