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The Day My Kids Made it on WHAS11…. Go Cards!

Just made a homemade latte, with almond milk. My dear roommate Faye, it must be her european blood, assisted in the frothing process. With a spoonful of sugar,  I never knew my heart could be so happy over a cup of joe. It is raining…. the breeze is coming through the window and it is game day. It feels a bit like Christmas morning. Louisville tips off at 4:00 and I will be watching, cheering proudly….. although I wish I could tap my shoes like Dorothy and be inView full post »

One of my kids is Jesus

The title of this post may be a bit strange but I can assure you I have a full explanation for it. I think God is using one of my kids to teach me how love works. What it means to love unconditionally. What it means to love with no bounds, with no expectations, not tangled up in an agenda or expectation but loving without  any expectation of something coming in return. Loving purely because we are all his children and we all deserve to be loved fully and wholly.View full post »

Hump Day Ramblings…

I saw a friend from high school that posted a picture of their family roasting peeps over a fire. I miss the cold weather. The change that comes with seasons. I am missing this time of year when the aisles of Easter candy are in the stores, robins eggs, the last month of solid skiing on the slopes, knowing the promise of the coming spring. This time of year is one of my very favorites Some say they are green with envy over my pictures by the pool from this past weekend but I must admit IView full post »

Scaring One of My Kids

Dear Monday Monday Monday….. lunes lunes lunes. As expected, you were completely unexpected. Thanks for not being the same.I walked into the secretaries office to try and scare one of my kids today. Yes I did this. I admit it. (Pretend phone calls when you were a babysitter remind you of anything? Everyone has done it before, you know that you have) …………..Let me explain:I took one of my kids out of class and walked to the office. We stood at the door ofView full post »

March Madness. Helen Keller. Lessons in Our Class.

I do not have to say it….. You probably already know that I am a big Louisville Cardinal Fan. So in honor of March Madness, I decided to decorate our classroom with basketballs. David C and I  created a basketball goal to install in the classroom as well. It has been a big hit. To all my former colleagues at Graebel, you remember my basketball goal that I had in my cubicle. The paper one made out of a paper plate for the hoop, that was above my recycling bin 🙂 This was myView full post »

Honduran Breakfast

I have been meaning to capture all that these kids eat for breakfast. I am missing quite a few common things they consume for breakfast but have a good variety for you too see. Yes this is the norm. Yes this is what the kids have every day. Pizza anyone? fried chicken? French fries? Pancakes? (sort of normal). Cereal (very uncommon to see). Baleadas? (beans and cheese in a tortilla). Enjoy. View full post »

Last Week of School + Lots of Pictures

Writing a class story for Molly was just a few of the highlights for the week. A week that on Wednesday I was pretty sure none of us were going to survive. (Combine last week of school before Christmas excitement with christmas concert practicing, wrapping up classes = chaos). I had the third grade class together come up with a story in honor of Molly’s birthday ( I teach third grade English and Science), each page was given to a student to illustrate. To put it short, the kidsView full post »

It is Almost Christmas

Things are getting busy and exciting. This is our last week of school. Our last Monday. Kate leaves on Friday for Arizona for good. We will miss her. She has a very exciting year ahead as she is getting married in June. Thomas leaves for home on Thursday. Philip heads to Spanish school in Nicaragua on Saturday. I fly out on Sunday. Faye, Molly and Alison leave for Nicaragua/Costa Rica on Monday. Our three week holiday is more than needed. We are tired and ready for a break. Here are a fewView full post »

When I Grow Up I Want to Be a Mountain Climber.

When I grow up I want to be a mountain climber. Atleast this is what I told my kids today. Immediately one of the girls said “Oh me too! Me too!” A few in my class seemed a bit confused, not understanding what “mountain climber” meant. Then one of the students translated into spanish….. All I heard from the translation was “Exploradora”. Its true. Well it sounds cool. To be an explorer. But in my heart I know that it is more trueView full post »