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Kylie on Honduras

                                                                   First Name: Kylie Where you are from: Fayetteville, AR Grade you taught: SecondKylie Blog….. HERE                          I knew of Kylie before she arrived inView full post »

Matt on Honduras

I think Thomas said it best when describing Matt, “He is like a new puppy. So cute and so much fun. So hyper and excited about everything, but then he shi** (pardon my french) on your carpet (or breaks something in Matt’s case) and it makes you so angry and frustrated. But then you look at him and you see the cute puppy and your not angry anymore.” Between our countless running dates, P90x sessions, yoga sessions, and adventures…… you could count on MattView full post »

Faye on Honduras

                                                                                                        Name:  Faye Morris                             View full post »

Molly on Honduras

First Name: Molly (or Miss, I forget!)   Where you are from: Hogwarts, England Grade you taught: 3rd                          Molz as I often called her. Creative, crafty and always up for anything. I am so grateful that Molly was here for this year and happy to know my kids will be loved on by her next year. She will be their third grade teacher! (As well a Midlands trip is in my future) Read below a few ofView full post »

Roommate Special Posts

“I have a dream too, but it’s about singing and dancing and making people happy. It’s the kind of dream that gets better the more people you share it with. And I found a whole group of friends who have the same dream, and that makes us sort of like a family.” –“The Muppet Movie”  This weekend we went to Tela (the beach on the Caribbean coast). Our special place as I like to call it.  We spent our final weekend together relaxingView full post »