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First time visiting my blog?

Are you new here? Confused on my story? Where it begins, where it ends? Here is a little guide to help you find your way. I have highlighted a few of the posts that chronicle my journey. Hopefully a little easier to navigate: Diagnosis – The Day Mastectomy – Part 1 Surgery Find out that I would need Chemotherapy – Find thanks in the news you did not want to hear Chemotherapy Round 1 – He is Building a Palace Post Chemo Round 1 Reflections – Chemo Silence HairView full post »

I am well

One of the most common questions I am asked is how am I feeling? Truthfully, right now, I am well. I am sun burnt from riding my road bike, and my legs are tired from a hike Erin and took Sunday in the mountains. My weekend was filled with good company, an early morning bike ride for coffee, music, good beer and yummy food. However I know that just as this weekend was good, moments are coming when I will not feel the same way. My emotions continue to ebb in flow just as the river flows andView full post »

Kara + Amy

My morning began with a shot in my arm and then I headed down south for the day. My vitals will not be taken until Monday so I am told to take it easy through the weekend while my blood counts rise. Yesterday I was feeling much better than even the days before so I am taking that as a positive sign that my counts are rising. It was a beautiful day yesterday. One that you want to bottle up and keep so you can have it for a another. It was eighty degrees in Colorado. Blue skies and big whiteView full post »

Bean Head

I wrote on Thursday just before treatment and left shortly after for the hospital. The sun came out by the time I was leaving and the roads cleared up quite a bit. Rachel met me at the hospital with Starbucks in tow, knowing that once the IV was set I could start my morning cup. (remember my previous problems with getting an IV in, which means no caffeine before). After meeting with the doctor, discussing how the last round went I shared about the difficulties I was having. The fever that cameView full post »

I am strong

I spent the rest of my day Monday and Tuesday trying to feeling better. After adjusting some medicine, and applying a steroid cream for the rash on my head, I was on the mend. By Wednesday morning the rash was fading and my body felt more stable. It took about one full week after chemotherapy before I started to regain my strength…. I would love to say that I am getting the hang of the chemotherapy song and dance, knowing what to expect and anticipate but that would not be true. ThisView full post »

Colorado days…

What do you do when you don’t have to work? and all your friends are working? The following: I have watched Sense and Sensibility (fantastic movie…to quote the movie “my heart is and always will be yours”) while drinking tea, painting my nails and laying on the couch while it rained. Watched another ESPN 30 for 30…..Gone to Yoga in the mornings for a class and in the evenings Crossfit. Mopped our floors, did laundry, cleaned out boxes, read my book and drankView full post »

Back home in Colorado….

My silence is long overdue. I will try not to bore you with too many details but a lot happened in the last week after landing back in the States. While sitting at the airport in Houston during my layover, I sat next to an older gentlemen who told me that he was a lawyer from New Orleans. He asked me what I did. I explained that I was just arriving back in the States after teaching in Central America for the past year. He being incredibly complimentary and kind, offered to buy me a drink as aView full post »

If I cannot stay then simply take me home

Today during one of our lectures, Amy told me that I had ADD. (I could not sit still). I laughed then smiled and then pouted. I am restless. My mind is racing. I find myself waking up at night making lists of to dos in my brain. At the same time on the other side of my brain I am repeating yoga poses, inhale and exhale. What has my life come to? One year ago Friday, July 4, 2012, I was boarding a plane to meet my friends in Munich, Germany to travel for ten days. Just the day before, July 3,View full post »

Central American Sunday…..

When sharing about my last year to a lady at dinner last evening she kindly asked……”Why are you going back to the States? Why did you leave?” She asked me. “I can tell in the way you speak that you are so passionate and you are so grateful for your time there.”  I smiled. Took a big deep breath. “Well……..” I explained, came up with a handful of reasons but proudly said I am excited to be back close to family, friends and back inView full post »