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The weekend… has come and gone. This Sunday may go on record as one of the most productive in a while and a day I can scratch off more of my twenty wishes that I want to accomplish come December of this year. Below is a updated:7. Visit an Orphanage at least once a month (whether I am in Honduras or anywhere) December 1, 2012 San Pedro Sula December 8, 2012 Pena Blanca January 28, 2013 Pena Blanca February 10, 2013 PenaView full post »

Letter to Things…

Days ago I wrote a post here that consisted of Letters. Letters to things part 2…. happy day yallDear words,You have the power to mend, to break and to heal even the faintest of hearts. You offer comfort and with the same lips you can offer pain. Although today I am grateful that long ago someone used these words and said, “Wherever you are, Be all there”. I am certain God spoke these words to someone long ago… every day these words are a reminder to be presentView full post »

Never Forgotten Faces

Pulling through the gate, it was as though we were entering a fortress. Surrounded by high walls and a large gate, the concrete two story building with broken glass windows covered in faded paint was an unwelcome scene. As we pulled the van up, a group of boys emerged from behind the concrete corridor to see who had arrived. They watching closely as we walked into the building. What used to be bright paint of teal and yellow was now distressed. Not a sound wasView full post »

Dance Party. Pizza. Pinata.

Thursday evening pizza party, turned into dance party, piñata cutting, cake. One of the best Thursday evenings to date. Alison and her house of 17 came over for homemade pizza. We decorated, had activities, nail polish, and celebrated for nothing. Cake with sprinkles and a piñata filled with candy. (Piñata Jessie from Toy Story). We transformed our house to host 30 people. All afternoon Faye and Matt prepped homemade pizza. Pizza with cheese, pepperoni, ranch andView full post »

Coffee Thoughts

Sunday morning. I am sitting in my bed, drinking coffee, Hondurans do a few things well and one of them is coffee. Thank goodness for that. Tomorrow there is school, and there are lessons plans waiting to be made. All I want to do today is relax, maybe lay in the sun, read a book. I need to practice Spanish, I need to find a video to show my class about the stars…. I need I need I need. Instead I am going to choose to be right here in the present moment. And that moment isView full post »

The Aracely Story.

Stories like this one are the stories you will never forget. Its a story that could be told a million times and you still cannot quite grasp the reality of it. Over a cup of coffee tonight I listened…. Aracely was two years old when her parents were threatening by their neighbors to call the police if they did not take Aracely to the hospital. Aracely was two years old with a 30 inch waste. She was severely malnourished. Her stomach so much enlarged and that you could not separate herView full post »