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Pre-Shave Pictures

I realized I had not shared the pictures that were taken of my mom and I before I started chemotherapy. These are my favorite ones that Cheryl Ungar took. As you can imagine after Sunday nights shaving party these pictures are even more dear to me….more so because they were captured with my mom.  Yesterday was my Mom’s Birthday and she should be given so much credit for everything the past five months. She demonstrates love, grace and has one of the biggest hearts one couldView full post »

Miss Gloria Came to Visit

Standing in line to pay her departure tax fee at the airport this morning, she looked at me and said well, “I don’t know when I will get to see you again” I said “Well, Goodness Mom could we not say it so dramatically”. Come July when I return to the States from Honduras/Costa Rica I am flying into Denver, Colorado. And Colorado…………. is where I am going to stay. After a lot of consideration I was just not ready to say goodbye to coloradoView full post »