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Pregnancy After Chemotherapy

I woke up this morning after another night of hot flashes and night sweats. Despite being told that these would be gone a few short weeks after chemotherapy completed, I am now ten weeks from my last treatment and they are as present as they were before. (worse in fact). You may ask what this may mean and let me explain…. The hot flashes and night sweats mean that I am still in what some say is “chemopause”. A sort of medically induced menopause that is caused by chemotherapy.View full post »

Family History BRCA Gene

A lot of you have asked how I came to know that I had Breast Cancer. I recapped my diagnosis here but never really discussed how I came to that day. So in an effort to provide more information surrounding my diagnosis at such a young age I am going to try and cover some information regarding our family history and the BRCA genetic mutation. Hopefully this will provide some helpful information for those of you with family history of breast cancer and curious about your options. In September 2005View full post »