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My Ol Kentucky Home

Today’s post is a special one indeed in honor of a place so near and dear to my heart. A place that I was born, a place I was raised and a place that I have a feeling one day will call me back. This Saturday the city of Louisville will be put on stage while the everyone watches the Kentucky Derby…… The Run for the Roses. No matter near or far away the first Saturday in May always holds special meaning……  Thank you Louisville for making me proud to callView full post »

“They Won Miss Kristina!” They most certainly did…..

This morning Genessis came running into the teacher room to tell me that my team won. “They won Miss Kristina!”. Yes sweet girl they did. Yes they did. For some of you, you may very well think that I am a bit crazy…. a bit over the top at times about the cardinals….. but I think on any day, sports does that to people, makes you obnoxiously proud, makes you talk about players like you know them personally. Brings goosebumps to your skin, tears to your eyes and makes youView full post »

The Day My Kids Made it on WHAS11…. Go Cards!

Just made a homemade latte, with almond milk. My dear roommate Faye, it must be her european blood, assisted in the frothing process. With a spoonful of sugar,  I never knew my heart could be so happy over a cup of joe. It is raining…. the breeze is coming through the window and it is game day. It feels a bit like Christmas morning. Louisville tips off at 4:00 and I will be watching, cheering proudly….. although I wish I could tap my shoes like Dorothy and be inView full post »

Wednesday thoughts….

First week back I knew would be a challenge but I was not prepared for this. I think my kids forgot how to act, how to behave, or maybe they are just being seven and eight year olds…  At one point yesterday I walked out of the classroom to avoid breaking down even more than I already had. Out of complete frustration. Had to hold back from breaking down in tears….. They make it so very impossible some days……. However last night I was able to connect with a dearView full post »

Monday a Bit Late

*** Disclaimer this post is coming a bit late because we have been without internet. This was my Monday. Spanish. My spanish needs some help. Slowly I am learning but I realize that if I want to leave this country and be able to articulate and understand I need more practice. Sunday after a good long run by myself (yes I ran alone for the first time, now that I am familiar with where I am, I took a gravel road through farms in the sun, it was one of my favorite runs since IView full post »