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My Ol Kentucky Home

Today’s post is a special one indeed in honor of a place so near and dear to my heart. A place that I was born, a place I was raised and a place that I have a feeling one day will call me back. This Saturday the city of Louisville will be put on stage while the everyone watches the Kentucky Derby…… The Run for the Roses. No matter near or far away the first Saturday in May always holds special meaning……  Thank you Louisville for making me proud to callView full post »

Special Belated Birthday….. Christie Lee

Since last week I was out in the middle of the Caribbean and did not take my laptop with me, I was unable to do a proper Happy Birthday post to one of my dearest and best friends since 1st grade. Yes you read this correct…… From elementary school, to middle school, to high school, from Florida, to California, to eleven annual gingerbread making parties, countless birthday parties, champs skating parties, Mario party, gummy bears consumed in an absurdly largeView full post »


homesick for home. for the first time i want to be there. like now. i want my comforts. i want my friends. my closet of my clothes. i want to smell clean. like really clean. not the honduran clean where I have showered yet all my clothes are not quite clean because our washer is broken “clean”.I want the… I have showered, put on lotion, and perfume kind of clean. I want to eat food and not worry about getting sick. to sleep in a bed with comfy sheets and blankets. toView full post »