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BRCA 2 – One year ago

One year ago today, I received a phone call that would change the course of my life forever. I learned on this day one year ago that I carried the hereditary mutation BRCA-2. The breast cancer gene. (Information here). As a result of my positive result my OBGYN advised that once a year I would have an MRI. The MRI was to be done each year to properly screen my breasts. Given my age at the time and the density of breasts in younger women a mammogram would not be the most comprehensive, so an MRIView full post »

35 Years

Today my parents celebrate 35 years of Marriage. As their daughter it has been both and honor and a joy to watch them do life together, do life so well and walk together despite even the most trying of times. The picture below we took the afternoon after meeting with my oncologist for the first time. I had just been diagnosed twenty four hours before this picture. I have never been more proud to be their daughter than I have been this past year. My parents are not ordinary, they are not likeView full post »

My bike and trailer

I am home. That was the text I received. My mom who flew in town one week ago is now back in Louisville. After caring for me, cleaning my house, fixing me meals, mulching our yard, planting flowers and holding my hand. I am left for the remainder of this week by myself, to rest and to allow my heart to slowly heal. My words have not been much as the hurting has been far too great to express. Not a physical hurt. But the kind of hurt that is not mended by medicine, or food, or sleep. The kind ofView full post »

Courage, Dear Heart – C.S Lewis

This morning, the last day of the year 2014. I slept in. I had intended to go to cross fit at 6 am, but I hit snooze. It was below 0 this morning and my bed was cozy. Some mornings I find myself in pain. I am sleeping on my side again and I assume at night I sometimes put to much pressure on my expanders. So many times I don’t listen to what my body needs. I have not for so many years. I am always pushing it, never stopping and if the past few months have taught me anything, it is to slowView full post »