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Three Years Ago

Three years ago my whole world changed. The news that I had breast cancer left me with what felt like hundreds of broken pieces of my life scattered about the floor. It was as though cancer didn’t care what my life was and it brought it all to rubble. Slowly over the last three years I have picked up piece by piece and thrown others away. It has and will continue to be a journey. But a beautiful one it has been. One of my favorite quotes is from C.S. Lewis, “Imagine yourself as a livingView full post »

Chemo Round 1- He is building a palace

I have not forgotten about all of you, or this place…. I have just been taking some time. To rest. To read and to lay down on my moms lap. These past few days have met with a different reality of my cancer journey….. both humbling and beautiful. I have so much to catch you up on, but will start with Chemo Day 1, Tuesday. Tuesday morning, I woke up early to take a shower and get ready. Knowing that this would probably be my only chemotherapy with my hair, I decided to curl it andView full post »

The Only Real Way to Live

Drinking Costa Rican coffee out a mug from Hong Kong…… This can only mean a few things…. my heart longs to be traveling again and I live with Erin Zimmerman.  (She went to High School in Hong Kong so our house adorns lovely things from there) I was speaking with Matt Hohler two days ago and he reminded me that we were just a few days away from our year anniversary of arriving in Honduras. What a sweet reminder that is….. You may ask what I have been up tooView full post »

“You sound, so American”

“You sound so American!” Faye said…. I quickly replied, “You sound so English.” Yesterday morning I had the joy of skyping with my dear former roommate Faye. We played a quick game of catch up, decided we waited entirely way too long to speak and that we should speak more frequently. She is back home in England currently deciding between Mexico and the Dominican Republic for her next teaching job. While she is deciding her next adventure, I sipped my tea and in aView full post »

Apple Pie Amazzzingness

I just got the sweetest message from our neighbor across the street…… “The apple pie was amazing. We haven’t had apple pie that good in decades!” So grateful for her kind words. If she only knew it was my first one too. I thought what better way to meet the neighbors, then offer them homemade apple pie. I am so glad that they enjoyed it. And even more flattered that they so kindly complimented it. As for the Cherry Pie…..Unfortunately the oven after 20View full post »

Colorado days…

What do you do when you don’t have to work? and all your friends are working? The following: I have watched Sense and Sensibility (fantastic movie…to quote the movie “my heart is and always will be yours”) while drinking tea, painting my nails and laying on the couch while it rained. Watched another ESPN 30 for 30…..Gone to Yoga in the mornings for a class and in the evenings Crossfit. Mopped our floors, did laundry, cleaned out boxes, read my book and drankView full post »

Back home in Colorado….

My silence is long overdue. I will try not to bore you with too many details but a lot happened in the last week after landing back in the States. While sitting at the airport in Houston during my layover, I sat next to an older gentlemen who told me that he was a lawyer from New Orleans. He asked me what I did. I explained that I was just arriving back in the States after teaching in Central America for the past year. He being incredibly complimentary and kind, offered to buy me a drink as aView full post »


homesick for home. for the first time i want to be there. like now. i want my comforts. i want my friends. my closet of my clothes. i want to smell clean. like really clean. not the honduran clean where I have showered yet all my clothes are not quite clean because our washer is broken “clean”.I want the… I have showered, put on lotion, and perfume kind of clean. I want to eat food and not worry about getting sick. to sleep in a bed with comfy sheets and blankets. toView full post »