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Just to be here

A few days ago I interviewed with the Denver Post about my friend and fellow Breast Cancer survivor, Junko Kazukow. The post is writing a story on her amazing accomplishment of being both an Leadwoman (completing the Leadville Trail 100 mile run, Leadville 10K race, Leadville 100 mile Mtn. Bike race, Silver Rush 50 mile Run and Leadville Marathon) as well as completing the “Grand Slam” of Ultra Running. (Four 100 mile races in one season). To say she is incredible would be anView full post »

Tears on Christmas

I had every intention of writing on the plane about my time at home but I forgot to charge my computer so I was left with my notebook and a borrowed pen from the flight attendant. Handwritten and now typed below: I ordered a water just now from the flight attendant for my packet of EmergenC. I drink one a day, along with a Kombucha to make sure I am getting vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients for healing. Now that my week at home is done, I will be moving back into strict vegan eating.View full post »

To not miss it – Merry Christmas

Today is Christmas Eve and right now I am up early while my parents are still sleeping…. Two nights ago my dad and I bundled up in warm clothes and went for a walk. It was pitch dark outside.  When I asked if we should bring a flashlight he said we would not need one. He explained that our eyes would adjust. My dad. Just like that, trusting the skies and the stars. It was chilly but we walked for over an hour. Walking we reflected on the past few months.  How much has changed,View full post »

My Old Kentucky Home

Written from the airplane Saturday morning, heading to Louisville: I woke up this morning at 7:45 am. I managed to turn off my original alarm and was left with only a half hour before Rachel came to take me to the airport. I am heading home to Kentucky until next Sunday. For the first time I do not have to go to a doctor for ten days straight. I am looking forward to time at home, to rest and visit before I need to be back Colorado to start chemotherapy. Thursday afternoon,  I went toView full post »

My Christmas List

Tonight, I am sitting in my bed while I am drinking what seems like my tenth glass of water, the last one I had was filled with EmergenC.  My roommate has been coughing and sniffley so I want to be certain I do not get sick.  I just gave myself my evening shot and tomorrow morning I will arrive first thing at the fertility doctor blood work and an ultrasound. Following the doctors office, I am going in to work for the first time since my leave of absence. I cry thinking about itView full post »

Peace to Those

I am sitting now on the couch next to my parents puppy, watching the today show, drinking coffee with my dad. I just made these paleo pancakes. No sugar, gluten free and made with almond flour. They were very tasty. Last night we exchanged gifts and watched the Country Music Christmas show. Its really good to be home. Things have not changed, life in U.S. continues to move faster, bigger and more elaborately than ever. I am doing my very best to soak in the quiet, to remember all thatView full post »

Flying Home

The day is here. Tomorrow morning I am flying from San Pedro Sula to Houston Texas to meet my family. One bus ride and one plane away. Not sure how much blogging there will be during the holiday break but you can be certain I will be resuming when I come back to Hondy (Honduras) come January. I just laid down in Kates old bed in my old room (Two new teachers come january so i moved out of my room that i had for myself and will now be roommates with faye, switched all the furniture,View full post »

Last Week of School + Lots of Pictures

Writing a class story for Molly was just a few of the highlights for the week. A week that on Wednesday I was pretty sure none of us were going to survive. (Combine last week of school before Christmas excitement with christmas concert practicing, wrapping up classes = chaos). I had the third grade class together come up with a story in honor of Molly’s birthday ( I teach third grade English and Science), each page was given to a student to illustrate. To put it short, the kidsView full post »

It is Almost Christmas

Things are getting busy and exciting. This is our last week of school. Our last Monday. Kate leaves on Friday for Arizona for good. We will miss her. She has a very exciting year ahead as she is getting married in June. Thomas leaves for home on Thursday. Philip heads to Spanish school in Nicaragua on Saturday. I fly out on Sunday. Faye, Molly and Alison leave for Nicaragua/Costa Rica on Monday. Our three week holiday is more than needed. We are tired and ready for a break. Here are a fewView full post »