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Looking Ahead

When life gives you more than you can handle or perhaps it is God trusting you with more and you don’t seem to know why…. how do you respond? I often fight back. I am quick to want to fix things, and I am even quicker at trying to analyze the most minute of details of my life to try and understand. However…… I am learning… s—l—-o—w—-l—-y. I am learning that things will happen without explanation. I can only trust and hope in what theView full post »

Come Monday It Will Be Alright

A few things on this Monday, this post coming at you in bullet points… Clean Clothes: clean clothes are the best. Here is the view of my clothesline in  my room. Check out my great curtains too.. clean clothes drying! Friday Night: We had our weekly family dinner but this time it was breakfast style. Matt and Kate served up french toast with homemade chocolate sauce and fried bananas, egg casserole and bacon. We drank mimosas and were full of yummy breakfastView full post »