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A letter to myself on my Birthday

To My 27th Self on your Birthday, Today you rest your head more than you wish you had to. You have two tubes coming out of the sides of your body, bottles of medicine and a cup of coffee in your hand. I know full well how difficult this is for you but trust me that it is just a day, just a moment and it too shall pass. Perhaps a quiet simple birthday is just what the doctor ordered (pun intended). I decided for your birthday I would write you a letter. An ode to the year ahead and my hopes forView full post »

Happy Birthday to My Sister

Cabo San Lucas Family Vacation February 2013 Happy Birthday to you…. Thank you for not only being my sister but being one of my very best friends…. Thank you…. For being someone I can always count on to watch football, basketball, and golf with. (or being the only person that I know that loves them as much as me) For setting an example of working hard, dreaming big, loving well and selflessness. For being an incredible woman, sister, friend, and wife. I love you andView full post »

Dia de Mayo…. (No school hump day)

Today we did not have school. Today was a national holiday, Dia de Mayo (day of the worker/Labor Day) for most of countries in Central and South America. For the random mid week day off I decided that I would have a “Kristina” day. A day for myself… get some things done, take some time for myself….. I had a lingering task, to work on my resume so that was one of the top priorities. One of the first things I did after making coffee was I bought new music, theView full post »

Special Belated Birthday….. Christie Lee

Since last week I was out in the middle of the Caribbean and did not take my laptop with me, I was unable to do a proper Happy Birthday post to one of my dearest and best friends since 1st grade. Yes you read this correct…… From elementary school, to middle school, to high school, from Florida, to California, to eleven annual gingerbread making parties, countless birthday parties, champs skating parties, Mario party, gummy bears consumed in an absurdly largeView full post »

Its your story. (Birthday Weekend in Rio Dulce)

25th birthday in Guatemala is by far the most memorable Birthday to date….. (a close second would be my 21st pizza party in Louisville). I will attempt to recap but I will warn you, its not going to sound good as good it was… Some things just need to be experienced….  Friday morningI woke up and our kitchen table was decorated by the girls. A sign saying “Happy Birthday Early” Empty wine bottles were painted and crafted by Faye.  Friday weView full post »