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Were the three best friends…..Tela, Honduras

“The beach, where doing absolutely nothing is doing something” Friday after taking a quick photo with one of my very favorite girls Jency, (lives with Alison at the Eternal Family Project) Matt, Kylie and I were beach bound for the weekend…. We hired a taxi to drop us off in the town of El Progresso. After buying a necessary chunky chocolate chip cookie (for me) at Dunkin Donuts and Ice-cream for Kylie at Baskin Robins we stood on the side of the roadView full post »

When in Honduras…

Do go to the beach for the weekend….. Just Because……… After school tomorrow we are beach bound…… I will catch up with all of you after the weekend. Warmest to you…. ***Ps. Happy Draft day everyone…. BroncosView full post »

There is no other place like this place……Utila.

We are home. We are sun kissed. Tan. We are tired. Utila was every bit of what we needed. A week of laying in the sun, reading a book, eating yummy food. Dancing late into the night on boat docks, pina and rum, yoga class and for the others scuba diving. Our Spring Break began on Saturday the 23rd of April. Seven of us rode in a taxi and a car to the town of El Progress on the highway that runs the coast of Honduras. Our plan was to then hop on a bus from the side of the road that would beView full post »

New week. Beach Weekend.

The weekend was good…. Just the perfect balance of relaxation, sun, a nap, reading my new book (which I just finished minutes ago). Our journey home was the usual Tela to San Pedro (Greyhound style bus, no air conditioning, very hot. Matt shared his head phones and we danced on the bus. Listening to jams.) We did not catch the smaller air conditioned bus for the second leg from San Pedro to Pena Blanca, we instead got on the nicknamed “chicken bus” aka means school bus fromView full post »

Beach Weekend. Sickness. Pictures. The List Goes On.

Saturday morning we woke up at 4:50 am.. no power on in our house and I being the genius of our house decided I would rather pack in the morning than the night before. I grabbed my headlamp and began to scramble around my room with a simple light to grab what I needed for a weekend away at the beach. Molly, Faye and I were so excited because we had just figured out how to set the automatic timer on the coffee pot and our motivation to get out of bed was knowing that we would have hot coffeeView full post »