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If you knew what it was like

It has been nearly two weeks and I have only been to the doctor twice. My life is starting to look normal again. This past long weekend, I spent New Years in Breckenridge, shared time in the company of friends, watched the snow fall in giant flakes, I joined a fancy new gym, ate tacos, had margaritas and cleaned my house. It seemed no matter what I did. How many errands I ran, I was just trying to find enough things to pass the time between now and next week. You beat cancer by how you live,View full post »

Three Hour Nap. Amy.

It is a bit of strange thing to imagine someone writing your obituary. What would they say? People love to use this as a segway to challenge us to think about the legacy we leave. Pastors use this to motivate us to be good people, to make good decisions….. if I had a dollar for every time I have heard this used as a platform for a sermon…. welp…. But, what I find most compelling about an obituary is we are not the ones writing. An obituary is someonesView full post »

Home. Dancing With The Angels

back to reality. reality being in true honduran fashion…. being left at the airport with nobody to retrieve me. yes this happened today. I waited… waited some more and watched as the airport cleared. No bus. No sight of anyone looking for a gringo like me. With two large bags in tow I went to the nearby phone  kiosk and asked to borrow the charger for my honduran phone (it was dead). I called my roommate who confirmed that our bus driver was indeed meant to fetch me but if heView full post »