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New Year

A new year is often a time of new beginnings, fresh starts and resolutions…. but what happens when looking back is so overwhelming you are a bit afraid of a new year starting. When the past year was  filled with heartache, celebrations, surgeries and changes that the new year with all of its unknown seems a bit scary. If you are like me I kind of hate the new year resolution trend. I hate the notion that we mark a new year with endless to dos and expectations that often come up short. IView full post »

20 things in year 25

Last November I chose 20 things that wanted to complete in my 25th year of life… below is my update on my remaining things….. I have now signed up to run the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in Denver on October 20, 2013. Now I just need to lace up my shoes on this now yoga practicing body, that has not hit the pavement in (cough cough…. months). Nothing really to update today except that I am  just feeling really grateful today. Even in the midst of so much unknown I amView full post »

San Juan del Surf….

Monday around lunch time I checked in to my hostel Pacha Mama, just one block west of the ocean front. Judging by the record book of passports I am the only American staying and have been the only one that has checked in for the past few weeks. I think we can thank the US. Government and narrow minded news coverage for that. The horrid stories and overly advertised warnings about this part of the world has led many to visit other places. With that being said, I could  not be moreView full post »

Tegucigalpa x2

Long overdue weekend recap…..Last Friday at school was the Dia De Familia. (family day) It was a hot, long and exhausting program but my kids did so good. 🙂  In true Honduran time the program was set to start around 1:00 pm, which meant it started quarter till 2:00 pm… and did not finish until 5:30 pm. (could you imagine being a parent and sitting that long???)   Leaving the program before it finished we caught the bus around 4:30 pm and were Tegucigalpa bound.View full post »

June 29, 2012 “Chose Adventure”

June 29, 2012, I remember telling my girlfriends at happy hour. In my honor, my best friend ordered a round of tequila for us. Standing at our our spot in the corner of the bar (Someday that spot will be engraved with our names). My best friend Meg stated perfectly…. “Cheers to Kristina for choosing adventure!” August 23, 2012, I remember sitting with my three bags packed for the next ten months. Sitting in the Denver airport, staring out the window at the snowView full post »

When in Honduras…

Do go to the beach for the weekend….. Just Because……… After school tomorrow we are beach bound…… I will catch up with all of you after the weekend. Warmest to you…. ***Ps. Happy Draft day everyone…. BroncosView full post »

Kayak. Sun. Lake. Monday yall

A small glimpse of our weekend…..its Saturday morning… I woke up and wandered into our kitchen… the dishes were piled high, evidence from a successful family dinner night…. the wine bottle is empty on our table, plastic cups are scattered about. It is 7:30 am in the morning and Alison is skyping with her family in South Africa on her computer.  It is summer in South Africa and Alison is sitting here in Honduras bundled up in herView full post »

Every Minute

I have spent many a moments thinking about what comes after this. My roommates are applying, some planning to go to Mexico, some already sure of what is in store for them come June. I can confidently say that just when I think I have something all planned out, I second guess myself, start thinking no that’s not what i want to do. I think about teaching in the US, having my own classroom, loving kids there and I get excited. I think about working with children in another avenue, withView full post »

Ruin Adventuring.

Louisville Won, Broncos lost, Kentucky lost. First one is most important. Second one is most depressing. Third One does not matter.  I was home just in time to catch the 4th quarter, the ridiculous play call to not go for it, when Denver still had two timeouts left and 30 seconds on the clock, home field advantage, playoff at stake, and not to mention one of the most respected best players at the helm…… as a former resident of that city that I sometimes wonder what IView full post »