“If you suddenly and unexpectedly feel joy, don’t hesitate. Give in to it.”
Mary Oliver

There are very few things I enjoy more than a quiet morning with a cup of coffee and a book. Well for this morning a Hallmark movie seems to be just the right addition. I am flying home today for Christmas and my heart could not be more full. I have my Louisville jersey ready to wear for my flight and my bags are packed. Tomorrow I get to spoil my little toe headed nephew with what I think is a really cool blue dinosaur and a book about Santa Coming to Colorado. If only he knew what a gift he has been to all of us.

This time of year for many of us it can be hard. I encourage you to take a deep breath, maybe a walk in the middle of the day… take care of yourself. Take a look back at the past year and all the ways that God showed up in even the tiniest places in your life. How the unexpected became a moment of joy and how heartbreak slowly healed. Just take a moment and look around the room. Surely there are things to be grateful for. If nothing else a room that is too loud, too messy, chaotic and hectic.

Or maybe these are the words you need to hear….

“HE showed me what love really looks like, and He built a depth of beauty into my story that a life without suffering would have never known.”

This Christmas I celebrate so many little things like skiing in below zero temperatures and big things like knowing I have been on Tamoxifen successfully for one whole year, not to mention I have had a year of clean test results. Whatever it may be, big or small know you are loved, thought of and cared for. Not just by me.

I pray this season you are able to take a look around the room, tell that person what they mean to you and simply be present for all that this season has to offer.

Merry Christmas!

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