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“You never feel more alive than when you’re dependent on something other than yourself.”

I have not written for a while… but not because I have not wanted to. Things have gotten busy around here. Life continues to fill up and my summer has been filled with weekends in the mountains, attending Woodchoppers in Wyoming, bike rides, hikes and celebrations. I am noticing my body recovering yet at the same time feel that my need for sleep continues to be great. I must admit I have not been very good at slowing down. Just as I started to feel better, I desired so much to dive back into everything that the summer had to offer, and today I realize I am in desperate need of some balance. This will continue to be my focus over the coming weeks.

This next week I have a busy doctor day on Tuesday. I will be visiting my plastic surgeon to discuss next steps in terms of nipple reconstruction and potential fat grafting. (which I still have not decided on). As well I am going to have my blood drawn and my tumor markers checked with my oncologist.

But, I want you to know that I count it joy that I get to have follow up appointments.

The more immersed into the cancer community I become, the more I am aware of those individuals that never have the opportunity to have remission follow ups. Those individuals that never get to live beyond cancer.

I am living beyond cancer in this very moment.

That being said, it is with a heavy heart that I share the passing of my dear friends sister, Shelby Offrink. I have mentioned her before on my blog. My heart hurts for her children (two little girls), her husband, their families and my friend Luke who lost his sister. She is not much older than myself. I had the honor of getting to know Shelby through her brother Luke. You may read this incredible post honoring Shelby here.

In addition to the news of Shelby, I learned that Jenna Maddux (a friend from Louisville) who was diagnosed shortly after I, with stage four colon cancer learned of yet another tumor this time in her brain. I couldn’t even read a single post of tribute on facebook without my eyes filling with water. You may hear how you can support them here

I suppose I think this is why these days it is so hard to share of how well I am doing, because so many others close to me are not. Because the truth is, I am doing very well. I often have to wonder, why my story chose to have the outcome that it has? The outcome that has resulted in me being cancer free. Why I am well enough to climb mountains, camp last weekend with friends and run close to four miles. I have learned that just as having breast cancer was in no part something I did. Gods hand and healing in my life, is also nothing I did. My story is being written as it has been intended to be written and for today that means that I am well.

I appreciate your continued love, prayers and support. In regards to my hot flashes and night sweats, unfortunately they are still around. I am still in menopause. Maybe soon I will share my thoughts on this matter, but today I am trying to focus on the health that I have been given. After my appointment Tuesday, I will be sure to share on what I find out.

Hope this finds you well and you have a great holiday weekend! Thank you. Love Kristina.

Also I was going through all the pictures from November 5, 2015 (Mastectomy day) and wanted to share a some of them. Thank you for my many “We heart Kristina” tributes.

We heart Kris Collage

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