BRCA 2 – One year ago

One year ago today, I received a phone call that would change the course of my life forever. I learned on this day one year ago that I carried the hereditary mutation BRCA-2. The breast cancer gene. (Information here).

As a result of my positive result my OBGYN advised that once a year I would have an MRI. The MRI was to be done each year to properly screen my breasts. Given my age at the time and the density of breasts in younger women a mammogram would not be the most comprehensive, so an MRI was ordered. What I never expected was that my very first MRI would uncover that I had breast cancer.

While this day last year was heart breaking to say the least. My mom and I felt confident that there must have been some reason I found out I had the gene. That it was all apart of a grand plan that I could not yet see.

I wrote on my blog this time last year learning about the gene here. I find this writing so interesting given the course of events that unfolded after finding out about the gene.

I wrote the words, “Take heart in the fact that God absolutely and unequivocally knows you better than you know yourself.”

I find those words so true today as I celebrate the news I received. The news that led to an early diagnosis. That led to me finding my breast cancer when it was small. What led to me being cancer free today.

While I am still struggling as I uncover the emotional storm that cancer has left me in, I am grateful still for today.  I am taking each moment as it comes, and spending a lot of time sleeping, by myself and reflecting. But, I am hanging in alright. This morning I rode my bike to the gym at 6am then had my favorite smoothie before riding to work. It is warm and sunny today. My heart is still mending, but I remain hopeful. I am grateful for people, colleagues I love, a counselor who I have been working with for two years, my family and trust in a God who knows me so much better than I know myself.

May this Friday find you well. Thanks for not giving up on me.

Love Kristina

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