First time visiting my blog?

Are you new here? Confused on my story? Where it begins, where it ends? Here is a little guide to help you find your way. I have highlighted a few of the posts that chronicle my journey. Hopefully a little easier to navigate:

Diagnosis – The Day

Mastectomy – Part 1 Surgery

Find out that I would need Chemotherapy – Find thanks in the news you did not want to hear

Chemotherapy Round 1 – He is Building a Palace

Post Chemo Round 1 Reflections – Chemo Silence

Hair Falling Out – He is really good

Chemotherapy Round 2 and Again Written Here– Missing the normal

Chemotherapy Round 3 – Bean Head

Chemotherapy Round 4 – Last Round

My thoughts on implants – What size will you be?

Expander to Implant Exchange Surgery – Let the healing begin

Still in Menopause – Pregnancy after Chemotherapy

Recovering and Healing – I am well


Some personal favorites:

Inviting People In

Sometimes you really do just have to show up (Surprising Stephanie in Guatemala for her wedding).

To the Little One on her Bike 

Pressing Play

My Bike and Trailer

Showing up without permission 

Kara + Amy – Honoring two breast cancer friends and hero’s of mine. What they taught me about Jesus and fear.

It should be me – Special Mothers Day Post

Dad – Special Fathers Day Post


You may of course contact me via email if you want, if you have specific questions and or need anything at all. Thanks for reading and visiting.


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