Closing the book but never forgetting how the story went…

A blank blog post would be the most appropriate way to describe how I am feeling. Speechless. Speechless knowing that tomorrow I board a plane to head home to Denver…. without a return flight booked.

My emotions are at an all time high….. waves of joy, followed by thankfulness, tears of loss, bouts of laughter…… all pass as I begin to process what the past eleven months have been. I am so humbled………

I have made a vow to myself that although this is coming to an end, this is a chapter that I can refer back too as often as I wish……

I catch myself trying to share stories about my kids and my travels. As though sharing them allows me to experience them again…..

Teaching my kids, singing songs standing on our chairs….. laughing just one more time at something they said. Or perhaps I am sharing about one of our family dinners, playing charades amongst bugs, mice and drinking wine out of plastic cups. I take myself to the ocean, floating on inner tubes during Semana Santa, next to Faye, Matt, Kylie and Shep drinking cold beer as the sun burned our shoulders…… or I take myself to the Orphanage where Arturo is running around like a little monkey. I laugh thinking about the power outages that led to long conversations and romantic song jukebox playing. I laugh about the many times our house flooded because of our washing machine. The sound of the barking dogs, the rain on the tin roof of our house, late night singing in our bedroom, surfing in Nicaragua, zip lining in Costa Rica, doing two hour ashtanga yoga practice every morning for the last month and the many places I have seen and the incredible transformation that has taken place in my heart…..

I am eternally grateful. Humbled and so thankful for the countless people that I met along this journey. My dear roommates Faye, Molly, Alison, Kate, Kylie and Rose. The greatest three boys who became like brothers Matt, Philip and Thomas. To the D and D Brewery family Lotte, Ramon, Jason and Bobby. My yoga family Amy, Burgundy, Mary, Lisa, Carolina, and countless others….

And to all of you……For reading. For writing. For your prayers. For celebrating with me. For laughing with me and For allowing me to share…….. Thank You

I graduated this morning. I completed my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (Emphasis in Ashtanga/Hatha/Hot yoga). If at Christmas you would  have told me I would have done this I would not have believed you.…. such wonderful surprises life brings us. 

For whatever the future holds it has so much to live up too….. but I am certain it will be good.

So here’s to it Central America, Salud and Adios.

For giving me more than I ever gave you. For captivating my heart and making more into the person I want to be……..

And to you Colorado…. I will see you tomorrow. Me and the Rockies have a very long overdue date.


As well Gloria (my mom) is coming to Colorado Saturday. Cannot wait to see her.


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