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Were the three best friends…..Tela, Honduras

“The beach, where doing absolutely nothing is doing something” Friday after taking a quick photo with one of my very favorite girls Jency, (lives with Alison at the Eternal Family Project) Matt, Kylie and I were beach bound for the weekend…. We hired a taxi to drop us off in the town of El Progresso. After buying a necessary chunky chocolate chip cookie (for me) at Dunkin Donuts and Ice-cream for Kylie at Baskin Robins we stood on the side of the roadView full post »

When in Honduras…

Do go to the beach for the weekend….. Just Because……… After school tomorrow we are beach bound…… I will catch up with all of you after the weekend. Warmest to you…. ***Ps. Happy Draft day everyone…. BroncosView full post »

Bond. James Bond.

Bus ride from hell in the rain. James Bond. Popcorn. The mall. The girls. Our Saturday in a nutshell. This morning we woke to the sound of rain that continues even to this moment and we made the decision to grab a bus to San Pedro Sula to see the new James Bond movie. One thing is for sure, no matter where you go to a movie around the world it is always cold in the theatre.  (hello Air Conditioning) Just the girls made the trip and we gladly purchased fountain drinks, iView full post »

Saturday Perfection

Saturday perfection was in full affect today. I woke with a warm cup of coffee, sunny weather, Spanish being spoke outside my window, the misty haze on the Mountains and my roommates coming home from their run. We had a full evening spent eating dinner prepared by Kate and Philip. We had Thai stir fry, and a mango/apricot puree dessert and drank wine in a coffee cup. We laughed and played charades till late in the evening. Jason from the D and D joined us and is now in rotation to cook with us.View full post »