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There is no other place like this place……Utila.

We are home. We are sun kissed. Tan. We are tired. Utila was every bit of what we needed. A week of laying in the sun, reading a book, eating yummy food. Dancing late into the night on boat docks, pina and rum, yoga class and for the others scuba diving. Our Spring Break began on Saturday the 23rd of April. Seven of us rode in a taxi and a car to the town of El Progress on the highway that runs the coast of Honduras. Our plan was to then hop on a bus from the side of the road that would beView full post »

Its Spring Break….

I am at this moment streaming the Kansas Western Kentucky game, my fan is blowing on full speed and I am laying in bed……Only one more sleep stands in the way of a week at the beach…. 9 of us are heading to the Honduras Island of Utila for the week of Semana Santa (Holy Week, or Spring Break) tomorrow morning… if you look on the map below you can see that the red A is where we will be…. Tomorrow night we will spend the night in the coast town ofView full post »