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Nothing Like Being Sick When You are Far Away From Home

Sick. Not much up an update other than that a cold has taken home in my body, my cold went ahead and invited  its friend sore throat and headache to join in the party as well. Not fun at all for me. I am still itchy on my legs from my bites but Hydro cortisone is working wonders to calm the bites down a bit. I still look like I have the chicken pocks but they are shrinking (as long as  I do not scratch). My roommates were troopers today. (Disclaimer for my British and SouthView full post »

Beach Weekend. Sickness. Pictures. The List Goes On.

Saturday morning we woke up at 4:50 am.. no power on in our house and I being the genius of our house decided I would rather pack in the morning than the night before. I grabbed my headlamp and began to scramble around my room with a simple light to grab what I needed for a weekend away at the beach. Molly, Faye and I were so excited because we had just figured out how to set the automatic timer on the coffee pot and our motivation to get out of bed was knowing that we would have hot coffeeView full post »