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New Year

A new year is often a time of new beginnings, fresh starts and resolutions…. but what happens when looking back is so overwhelming you are a bit afraid of a new year starting. When the past year was  filled with heartache, celebrations, surgeries and changes that the new year with all of its unknown seems a bit scary. If you are like me I kind of hate the new year resolution trend. I hate the notion that we mark a new year with endless to dos and expectations that often come up short. IView full post »

My New Normal Part 1

I have been meaning to make a post dedicated to things that are the new normal in my life….. and the longer time passes the more normal these things seem to be and the less interesting they appear to make themselves worthy of their own blog post…..but here is a compilation of things that seem very normal to me now…. (including a few pictures) So what is normal in Honduras????? Water in a bag. Bottles are more expensive to produce and distribute, so if you are thirsty justView full post »