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His Perfect Timing

I am very aware of the reality. The reality of heaven and earth. That this life is temporary. The whole “live life to the fullest” saying. I get it. Our society loves to use this as encouraging words to others. Words to send you on your day. Words to meditate over your morning cup of coffee. I get it. Life that is. Its short. Its not ours to have. Life may go in a moment so you must love others well and live it up…. I do. Or so I thought I did…. It is with a very heavyView full post »

One of my kids is Jesus

The title of this post may be a bit strange but I can assure you I have a full explanation for it. I think God is using one of my kids to teach me how love works. What it means to love unconditionally. What it means to love with no bounds, with no expectations, not tangled up in an agenda or expectation but loving without  any expectation of something coming in return. Loving purely because we are all his children and we all deserve to be loved fully and wholly.View full post »