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“They Won Miss Kristina!” They most certainly did…..

This morning Genessis came running into the teacher room to tell me that my team won. “They won Miss Kristina!”. Yes sweet girl they did. Yes they did. For some of you, you may very well think that I am a bit crazy…. a bit over the top at times about the cardinals….. but I think on any day, sports does that to people, makes you obnoxiously proud, makes you talk about players like you know them personally. Brings goosebumps to your skin, tears to your eyes and makes youView full post »

Your Reality vs. My Reality. 11 Questions

Your reality versus my reality…… Your reality: you probably stayed up late cheering on Louisville with friends at a bar or cheering from your comfy couch at home surrounded by platters of food and endless options of appetizers like buffalo chicken dip or had wings from bootleg barbecue, some of you stayed out late celebrating, drank beer, you wore cardinal red and bar hopped with everyone in the city (Louisville or cat fan alike) or maybe you are in Atlanta and you saw theView full post »

The Day My Kids Made it on WHAS11…. Go Cards!

Just made a homemade latte, with almond milk. My dear roommate Faye, it must be her european blood, assisted in the frothing process. With a spoonful of sugar,  I never knew my heart could be so happy over a cup of joe. It is raining…. the breeze is coming through the window and it is game day. It feels a bit like Christmas morning. Louisville tips off at 4:00 and I will be watching, cheering proudly….. although I wish I could tap my shoes like Dorothy and be inView full post »

Scenes from Here

Already Wednesday? Where did this week go? The weather here was really cold, low 50s. Let me disclaimer before you think to yourself, that’s not cold at all…..when it is a nice 50 degrees outside in the States, you have your heat on inside. Your house is nice and toasty. In Honduras if it is in the low 50s outside then in your house (ours in this case) is even colder. Our house is made of concrete cinder blocks, tin roof and tile floor so we girls bundled up like it wasView full post »


learning to find joy in little things. celebrate what happens in real time without trying to wish too much time away, is a real challenge. but it is simply the best….. When I describe to others what living here is like, one of the only ways i can attempt to explain is by saying i experience real joy. real joy that comes from the faces of children. real joy that is found in tasting the really sweet watermelon that you just paid one dollar just up the road. real joy in a hot cup of coffeeView full post »