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These Days … The Hard Truth

The words I can never find…. I find it hard to explain what it feels like from my point of view. What the world looks like now? How my heart is softer, my spirit changed, my mind ever so quick to wander and the gentleness that is life today. The most common question I am asked is, How are you doing? In order to answer I must ask you, Do you want the truth, the half truth or do you want to hear what is easy to comprehend? I could tell you I am well. Which is partial truth. My body is doingView full post »

The Only Real Way to Live

Drinking Costa Rican coffee out a mug from Hong Kong…… This can only mean a few things…. my heart longs to be traveling again and I live with Erin Zimmerman.  (She went to High School in Hong Kong so our house adorns lovely things from there) I was speaking with Matt Hohler two days ago and he reminded me that we were just a few days away from our year anniversary of arriving in Honduras. What a sweet reminder that is….. You may ask what I have been up tooView full post »

June 29, 2012 “Chose Adventure”

June 29, 2012, I remember telling my girlfriends at happy hour. In my honor, my best friend ordered a round of tequila for us. Standing at our our spot in the corner of the bar (Someday that spot will be engraved with our names). My best friend Meg stated perfectly…. “Cheers to Kristina for choosing adventure!” August 23, 2012, I remember sitting with my three bags packed for the next ten months. Sitting in the Denver airport, staring out the window at the snowView full post »

Value in the Parts

The habit of looking to the future and thinking that the whole meaning of the present lies in what it will bring forth is a pernicious one. There can be no value in the whole unless there is value in the parts. – Bertrand Russell Happy Thursday to you…. KristinaView full post »

His Perfect Timing

I am very aware of the reality. The reality of heaven and earth. That this life is temporary. The whole “live life to the fullest” saying. I get it. Our society loves to use this as encouraging words to others. Words to send you on your day. Words to meditate over your morning cup of coffee. I get it. Life that is. Its short. Its not ours to have. Life may go in a moment so you must love others well and live it up…. I do. Or so I thought I did…. It is with a very heavyView full post »

Her Story Full Circle. Aracely

Today her story became full circle…… They were running down the hill towards our van as we came to a stop. Two little girls. One set of bare little feet. One with dirty shoes. Two big smiling faces. They waited as we slid our van door open. She immediately embraced them in a big hug. I held back tears. I could see the similarities in their faces…. a perfect blend of all three. Those were her sisters. With the three girls walking hand in hand, Alison and I followed behind upView full post »

One of my kids is Jesus

The title of this post may be a bit strange but I can assure you I have a full explanation for it. I think God is using one of my kids to teach me how love works. What it means to love unconditionally. What it means to love with no bounds, with no expectations, not tangled up in an agenda or expectation but loving without  any expectation of something coming in return. Loving purely because we are all his children and we all deserve to be loved fully and wholly.View full post »