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Let the healing begin

Friday morning shortly after I wrote, my mom and I got in the car to head to the hospital. (5:30 am) We were some of the very first people to check in. It was a bit strange having been to this hospital just six months ago for my mastectomy. The routine is the same.  The pre-op routine is the same, they ask my height, get my weight, check my vitals, and place the iv. However this time my plastic surgeon came in, so he could mark me. I stood up without my robe on, while he took his blue pen andView full post »

20 things in year 25

Last November I chose 20 things that wanted to complete in my 25th year of life… below is my update on my remaining things….. I have now signed up to run the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in Denver on October 20, 2013. Now I just need to lace up my shoes on this now yoga practicing body, that has not hit the pavement in (cough cough…. months). Nothing really to update today except that I am  just feeling really grateful today. Even in the midst of so much unknown I amView full post »

My New Normal Part 1

I have been meaning to make a post dedicated to things that are the new normal in my life….. and the longer time passes the more normal these things seem to be and the less interesting they appear to make themselves worthy of their own blog post…..but here is a compilation of things that seem very normal to me now…. (including a few pictures) So what is normal in Honduras????? Water in a bag. Bottles are more expensive to produce and distribute, so if you are thirsty justView full post »