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Letters to things July

Things are a bit nutty around here. Tomorrow I teach my yoga practicum, 25 minute class for the first time and Wednesday we sit for our final exam (three hour exam). Thursday we have graduation (assuming I pass) and Friday morning I fly to Colorado. (Excited). Saturday I  am going to pick up my car from Winter Park and Sunday I move into my old/ new house. So ……… I may be a bit quiet on here…… For now I am soaking up my last few days in Costa RicaView full post »

Letters to Leave

I am trying to keep my tears under wraps….. tears both of joy and sadness. How overwhelmed with gratitude I am. My chocolate cake is baked for my kids tomorrow and my things are down from my walls, all that is left is to shove my things in my backpack. The emotional roller coaster has begun….. Below are letters in my leaving… enjoyDear Saturday,You seemed so far away… almost as though you would never ever come but alas you are here. I cannotView full post »

Four Letters to People….

I consider it a good rule for letter-writing to leave unmentioned what the recipient already knows, and instead tell him something new.  ~Sigmund Freud I have been giving a lot of thought to my time in Honduras… the time that has passed and the very people that played a role in me coming in the first place. So here below are three special letters to people, enjoy:___________________________________Dear Mom and Dad,Thank you for never doubting my decision. For your support while yourView full post »

Letters to Things May

Handwritten letters and cards will always and continue to be one of my very favorite things…..Happy Monday to you…. My letters for today. Dear diet Orange crush,You are awesome. You make this Monday morning a tiny bit more tolerable. Its true you are my new diet coke.Love this tired teacher ___________________________________ Dear ever growing Travel Bucket List,My wandering heart, is so excited to see all the places that you have included. Not to mention those places I have yet toView full post »

Letters to Things Part 4

I am continuing my monthly letters to things post…….. Enjoy the letters written below. Happy Monday. Dear mating geckos/ lizards in our house, Let me start by saying I am sorry. So sorry the flash scared you and interrupted your inappropriate behavior. Perhaps next time choose a more discreet location than the center of the wall in our kitchen to create baby geckos. From the PaparazziView full post »

Letters to Things this 1st of March……

Letters to things…..Happy Friday to all of you…. _________________________________________ Dear class, So glad that making a funny face at you while I walk by your classroom and your supposed to be paying attention to the Spanish teacher, makes you giggle and laugh. Your fragile hearts and honest souls continue to remind me why God calls us all to have a childlike faith. Thank you for that reminder Love your teacher who was sticking her tongue thisView full post »

Letter to Things…

Days ago I wrote a post here that consisted of Letters. Letters to things part 2…. happy day yallDear words,You have the power to mend, to break and to heal even the faintest of hearts. You offer comfort and with the same lips you can offer pain. Although today I am grateful that long ago someone used these words and said, “Wherever you are, Be all there”. I am certain God spoke these words to someone long ago… every day these words are a reminder to be presentView full post »


I have always been a big fan of written letters, hand written notes, cards, just simple things that tell someone how much they mean to you or wishing them well. So in light of this crazy week at school and our children who are so close to jumping of the roof top with excitement and the teachers who are begging for time to pass quickly I thought I would write a series of letters to things…. has helped me keep sane a bit. __________________________________________Dear Devil Angel SecondView full post »