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Lesson for Thursday

This morning I was reading a blog that I often visit. I loved this entry. Loved what it said so I thought i would share. Enjoy what she wrote below: I’m just beginning to learn— that to fear God we women must deliberately ignore the disapproval of our sisters and mothers and magazines and friends. We must choose instead to think long and hard, to ponder all alone just what it is that the LORD is asking of us. To wear the clothes that fit, and toss out those wishful thinking styles that bindView full post »

Collect moments. Not things.

One kayak. Two people. Rain. Two paddles. Rushing river. A lake. More rain. Birds singing in the distance. One afternoon. Some things do not need much explanation because even the greatest attempt to explain it would never do it justice. To put it simply it was good. Really good. Moments passed when I wondered how it is that I have it so good. Where your heart is so full, it overflows with goodness. It was that good. happy monday yall.View full post »

Joy in Laughter of a Third Grader

When true joy comes in the deepest belly laugh one has ever enjoyed, you find that God too has a sense of humor. I am learning more about the heart of God in this place than I could have ever imagined anyplace else.  I often like to pretend that I can do everything on my own. I am stubborn to a utterly fault. Ask anyone who knows me. I am painfully stubborn sometimes. I like things my way, even though I pretend to act as though I am ok going with the flow, I must be honest with myselfView full post »

Delight in the Little Things

Talked to my Dad on Skype today. After another visit to the doctor today it seems I may have contracted a parasite/ amoeba of some sort, which would explain why I have not felt good for sometime. My efforts to get over it and just when I think I am better I am hit again either with a stomach bug or as in this morning abdominal pain that I could not explain. (I left school after getting sick and Faye came along to translate. I need to remember to take a photo of the doctors officeView full post »

My heart is Overwhelmed

Hondurans are rich. Rich in the very things that matter most. In a conversation with a friend here, he and I reminisced about this place that we now call home, about the Honduran way of life, how good things are, how life here is addicting, doing life here is so good. Our conversation led me to reflect and share about the change occurring in my own heart…. While sitting in church Sunday evening in a hot and humid, one room church filled with wooden benches, packed withView full post »

And with both fists, I’m needin’ you

Heads up 7 up was a childhood favorite. and today the third graders made my morning when they all completed their English homework from the night before (Exception being two kids who explained that they did not quite understand). This is a big feat for this class, they have a reputation for being rowdy so this was a small victory. Because of this we got to play a game for the last few minutes in class. Sitting low in a mini chair, with my head down, my knees to my chest, in betweenView full post »

Keep my eyes to serve, my hands to learn

Lord forget all of my sins Well let me die where I lie The words above are the lyrics to a song on the ever more beautiful new Mumford cd. I have listened to this cd on repeat since I bought it. I am laying on my yoga mat, with papers of my kids, a grade book, green tea, and the sound of the rain slowly hitting the roof ahead. Our power just came back on. Just before I was using my headlamp. This place has captured my heart fully and completely  My kids today were precious,View full post »

Let Me Interrupt We Have a New Pet in Our House

When you spend two days at home with no tv, no roommates, sometimes no electricity, in a third world country one would be wise to propose the question, What have you been doing? Great question. To be honest time goes rather quick here. I go from facebook, to reading my book, catching up on blogs, cleaning up my room, making coffee, falling asleep. By 11:00 in the morning it gets very hot making doing much of anything seem like work. We do not have air conditioning so when the sun is up andView full post »

Paper Airplanes

Paper airplanes in my class were a huge hit. Below is the picture of my kids as we were gearing up to fly them. It was art class so I decided to combine two things that are great when you are kid….. decorating things and throwing things in the air. Why not? It was a good Friday. This was one of those days I could have squeezed all the kids tightly as though I may not see them again. Perhaps it was because I did not have to teach all day and I only spent a few classesView full post »