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One Year Later

For the past year I have looked forward to this day. The day I learned I had Breast Cancer. Some could argue it could be the worst day of your entire life but for me it was anything but. The moment I learned I had breast cancer was the day that living became something I realized I took for granted. All of  a sudden those things that used to matter never mattered anymore. I simply wanted to be surrounded by those that mattered most to me, I wanted to be still and simply be alive. One year agoView full post »

My Bucket List

Ever since the movie, Thee Bucket List, came out I have been compiling a mini list of things in my head that I would like to accomplish in my life…. This list is often changing, things are being added and often deleted…… the list is an ever growing compilation from my heart. I hope you are a dreamer. too. I Hope that you dream big things that you want for yourself  🙂 I decided not long ago to not waste my days doing something that did not bring me joy and welp here I am.View full post »

Looking Ahead

When life gives you more than you can handle or perhaps it is God trusting you with more and you don’t seem to know why…. how do you respond? I often fight back. I am quick to want to fix things, and I am even quicker at trying to analyze the most minute of details of my life to try and understand. However…… I am learning… s—l—-o—w—-l—-y. I am learning that things will happen without explanation. I can only trust and hope in what theView full post »

Every Minute

I have spent many a moments thinking about what comes after this. My roommates are applying, some planning to go to Mexico, some already sure of what is in store for them come June. I can confidently say that just when I think I have something all planned out, I second guess myself, start thinking no that’s not what i want to do. I think about teaching in the US, having my own classroom, loving kids there and I get excited. I think about working with children in another avenue, withView full post »

That Which Matters Least

“This is so not what I had hoped for….. but nonetheless some things do not change here. It is raining in our house…. like properly raining… our floor is soaked and the ceiling is coming in… makes me want to cry. i know there are people just outside our window with nothing and some sleeping not knowing if they will have a home in the morning. I know this. But for some reason today I hate this. Hate is a strong word but seems appropriate. Atleast for thisView full post »

Top 20 Checking Off

1. Read One Thousand Gifts. (with my mom, more fun to read when you have someone to share things with). 2. Get scuba certified in Utila (Honduran Bay Islands) 3. Complete the Whole30 Challenge (Again) 4. Run a half Marathon 5. Surf in Costa Rica 6. Make cookies for my neighbors and deliver them. (especially for the businesses in the building that we live in Honduras, The Chinese restaurant  the women’s clothing store, the salon and the lawyersView full post »

To Stay or Go

It is never to early to have a piece of Dark Chocolate with your coffee on your way to school. Dunking it in your coffee also adds extra joy in your mouth. Thank you Mom for the dark chocolate sea salt carmel ghirardelli bar (if you have never had this kind, do yourself a favor and go buy it right now)… It tastes as incredible at 6:30 am as it does at any other time during the day. I woke up this morning with Alison to go for a quick jog/walk before school. The endorphins startView full post »

20 Wishes.

Stole this idea from here It is the idea that you create twenty wishes for yourself for the next year. I do not like the idea of limiting these things to the first of the year but would rather have it start on any random day. So here it is. (a bit tough to make a list when you are not sure what or where you will be in the next year but nonetheless ….I have created this list to complete in One year from today. December 4, 2012-December 3, 2013. Enjoy….. 1. Read One ThousandView full post »


homesick for home. for the first time i want to be there. like now. i want my comforts. i want my friends. my closet of my clothes. i want to smell clean. like really clean. not the honduran clean where I have showered yet all my clothes are not quite clean because our washer is broken “clean”.I want the… I have showered, put on lotion, and perfume kind of clean. I want to eat food and not worry about getting sick. to sleep in a bed with comfy sheets and blankets. toView full post »