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I cried

On Thursday evenings this fall, I have been attending a gathering of 20 somethings (yes that is the name) at the church where I attend. I figured it might be good to connect with others, meet new people but more importantly reconnect with my faith. Church has been for sometime a very hard place for me to walk into. Anytime this past year I went to church, I immediately became emotional. I found myself often sitting with tears streaming. Trust me nobody wants to be the girl sitting alone cryingView full post »

Things I Am Loving Lately

In the midst of a rough week I managed to collect a few moments and things that make all the bad disappear for a while… (for example drinking rum in the dark when the power goes out, long skype dates with friends, spotting the mouse in the house, and yoga with the boys). I must admit this week had redeemed itself a bit. (aside from a minor meltdown with one of my kids today). Below are some things that I am loving recently……… (photo creditsView full post »