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35 Years

Today my parents celebrate 35 years of Marriage. As their daughter it has been both and honor and a joy to watch them do life together, do life so well and walk together despite even the most trying of times. The picture below we took the afternoon after meeting with my oncologist for the first time. I had just been diagnosed twenty four hours before this picture. I have never been more proud to be their daughter than I have been this past year. My parents are not ordinary, they are not likeView full post »


I have been thinking about this post for some time. What to say? What to share? And my eyes fill up with water. Just as I am typing now. My dad. Where does one begin. The above picture, my Dad and I took just a few hours before we headed to the hospital for my mastectomy on November 5, 2014. My very favorite place, Washington Park. I do not remember what we talked about. I honestly do not remember much of anything from the time I was diagnosed to my surgery. It was this strange blur ofView full post »

Happy Birthday to My Sister

Cabo San Lucas Family Vacation February 2013 Happy Birthday to you…. Thank you for not only being my sister but being one of my very best friends…. Thank you…. For being someone I can always count on to watch football, basketball, and golf with. (or being the only person that I know that loves them as much as me) For setting an example of working hard, dreaming big, loving well and selflessness. For being an incredible woman, sister, friend, and wife. I love you andView full post »

My Mom

Today I sat and listened to my kids telling me about their moms, telling me that the best thing that their mom cooks is chocolate. That their moms like to sleep and get on facebook to relax. That their moms are 23 (which I am certain they are not). They could hardly contain their excitement to tell me the things that make their mom special. With a big smile, amidst laughter I listened.  I hope their moms know how special their children are, how smart they areView full post »

My Ol Kentucky Home

Today’s post is a special one indeed in honor of a place so near and dear to my heart. A place that I was born, a place I was raised and a place that I have a feeling one day will call me back. This Saturday the city of Louisville will be put on stage while the everyone watches the Kentucky Derby…… The Run for the Roses. No matter near or far away the first Saturday in May always holds special meaning……  Thank you Louisville for making me proud to callView full post »

Miss Gloria Came to Visit

Standing in line to pay her departure tax fee at the airport this morning, she looked at me and said well, “I don’t know when I will get to see you again” I said “Well, Goodness Mom could we not say it so dramatically”. Come July when I return to the States from Honduras/Costa Rica I am flying into Denver, Colorado. And Colorado…………. is where I am going to stay. After a lot of consideration I was just not ready to say goodbye to coloradoView full post »

Peace to Those

I am sitting now on the couch next to my parents puppy, watching the today show, drinking coffee with my dad. I just made these paleo pancakes. No sugar, gluten free and made with almond flour. They were very tasty. Last night we exchanged gifts and watched the Country Music Christmas show. Its really good to be home. Things have not changed, life in U.S. continues to move faster, bigger and more elaborately than ever. I am doing my very best to soak in the quiet, to remember all thatView full post »

Flying Home

The day is here. Tomorrow morning I am flying from San Pedro Sula to Houston Texas to meet my family. One bus ride and one plane away. Not sure how much blogging there will be during the holiday break but you can be certain I will be resuming when I come back to Hondy (Honduras) come January. I just laid down in Kates old bed in my old room (Two new teachers come january so i moved out of my room that i had for myself and will now be roommates with faye, switched all the furniture,View full post »

Heaven on Christmas

I wonder what he is doing right now and think of him so often here. Not really sure why. Living in a third world country makes you emotional and nostalgic for so many things. He did not know that I was coming here. My last few conversations were watching golf. He asked me if I had a man. I told him no and he said good… Wait for the right one. (Advice from someone who had two great loves in his life, I will take it). Christmas does not get easier as you get older it only becomes soView full post »