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Someday I’ll

Some friends of friends (that I call my friends) took the first 365 days of their marriage and have been traveling the world. From Southeast Asia to Patagonia and all these incredible places in-between they took off from their jobs and set out to explore the world. They have kept all of us informed through their blog where they take turns sharing of their incredible journey and sometimes exhausting uncomfortable days in the most unlikely of places. Each time they post I look forward to hearingView full post »

13.1 Miles

Last Sunday, I completed my third half marathon race. While this race was not a personal record (I finished in 2:14 min), it was a special in that just seven months ago I completed my last round of chemotherapy. This was the second part to my “cancerversary” celebration. (The first one being Skydiving with my roommate two weeks ago). My body has changed and shifted so much in the past year so this was challenging in different ways honoring the journey with each step forward. I hadView full post »

My Bucket List

Ever since the movie, Thee Bucket List, came out I have been compiling a mini list of things in my head that I would like to accomplish in my life…. This list is often changing, things are being added and often deleted…… the list is an ever growing compilation from my heart. I hope you are a dreamer. too. I Hope that you dream big things that you want for yourself  🙂 I decided not long ago to not waste my days doing something that did not bring me joy and welp here I am.View full post »