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Living Beyond Breast Cancer – Learning to Trust and Love My Body – Scars and All

Click below to see the feature on Living Beyond Breast Cancer about my #mybodytude after Breast Cancer! #mybodytude: Learning to Trust and Love My Body – Scars and All    View full post »

Busy Living and Wigs

I have almost completed two months of taking Tamoxifen (again) and am still feeling very well. I cannot tell you what a blessing that is to say. Besides the occasional sweating and hot flashes I am tolerating the medicine much better this time around. My hope is to remain on Tamoxifen for the next five years to lower my risk of reaccurance from 25% to 15%. Thank you for praying and thinking of me. I am very grateful and while many have asked that I write more often I must say I am grateful IView full post »

A Letter to a Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer Patient

I was asked  to write a letter to someone recently diagnosed with breast cancer… I immediately said I would be honored to do so. Days passed since I accepted the request and the more I thought about it, I couldn’t seem to come up with the words. What would I say? Why should I say something at all? The more I thought about it, the harder it seemed to write. So I didn’t. Now today, January 12, 2016 I have decided to write that letter; ___________________________ Dear NewlyView full post »

You matter – November 5

I learned one year ago… that I mattered. That not only did I matter to those near, I mattered to those far, those I encountered briefly and more importantly I mattered to the creator of the universe. I remember waiting to go back for my surgery, my parents  fighting back tears as their youngest daughter just shy of her twenty seventh birthday was being taken back to have her cancer removed. I however remember feeling encouraged, calm and ready. But I remember looking in my parents eyesView full post »

I cried

On Thursday evenings this fall, I have been attending a gathering of 20 somethings (yes that is the name) at the church where I attend. I figured it might be good to connect with others, meet new people but more importantly reconnect with my faith. Church has been for sometime a very hard place for me to walk into. Anytime this past year I went to church, I immediately became emotional. I found myself often sitting with tears streaming. Trust me nobody wants to be the girl sitting alone cryingView full post »

One Year Later

For the past year I have looked forward to this day. The day I learned I had Breast Cancer. Some could argue it could be the worst day of your entire life but for me it was anything but. The moment I learned I had breast cancer was the day that living became something I realized I took for granted. All of  a sudden those things that used to matter never mattered anymore. I simply wanted to be surrounded by those that mattered most to me, I wanted to be still and simply be alive. One year agoView full post »

The girl that was

It was this evening one year ago that I went in for the MRI that ultimately discovered that I had Breast Cancer. This MRI was supposed to occur every year. It was to simply be a test to monitor me closely and be proactive. That was all it was going to be. Or so I thought at least. When I was finished I went to dinner with my mom to celebrate. We had a glass of wine, good food and I sat with my arm wrapped in purple tape from the IV. The picture below evidence. While I look at the girl and smileView full post »

Celebrating Surrender

Two Saturdays in a row where the first thing I have gotten to do is sit down and write. This is one of my happy places. The title of this post is unique, because this week was special for me. “Celebrating Surrender” In honor of this date and this time (September of last year I was diagnosed), I decided to be more intentional, seek truth, rest, read, listen and humbly commit to prayer. While these intentions may seem minimal, typical or cliche… for me they are none of theseView full post »

Being made whole again

As the summer begins to slowly fade away, I love how the sun wakes up a bit later each morning and the evenings are cooler. I am looking forward to fall. While this summer has been filled up with adventures in the mountains, bike riding, running, hiking, good food and many wedding celebrations, I look forward to the slow down that the fall brings. This was the first Saturday morning I woke up in my house and had coffee in quite some time. I have missed this quiet spot. In the past few weeks asView full post »