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DAY 30!

Sunday I posted after I got home from our girls weekend in Copan and I promised a recap soon but I think this may have to wait yet again…. I promise soon. Yesterday I accepted the reality that my kids are going to break my heart. Break my heart as in leaving them may quite possibly be the hardest thing I have ever done. I stood next to one of the boys today and he seemed as though he had grown a foot this year. They are getting bigger, smarter, sweeter, more of pain and I love them moreView full post »

Top 20 Checking Off

1. Read One Thousand Gifts. (with my mom, more fun to read when you have someone to share things with). 2. Get scuba certified in Utila (Honduran Bay Islands) 3. Complete the Whole30 Challenge (Again) 4. Run a half Marathon 5. Surf in Costa Rica 6. Make cookies for my neighbors and deliver them. (especially for the businesses in the building that we live in Honduras, The Chinese restaurant  the women’s clothing store, the salon and the lawyersView full post »


I have always been a big fan of written letters, hand written notes, cards, just simple things that tell someone how much they mean to you or wishing them well. So in light of this crazy week at school and our children who are so close to jumping of the roof top with excitement and the teachers who are begging for time to pass quickly I thought I would write a series of letters to things…. has helped me keep sane a bit. __________________________________________Dear Devil Angel SecondView full post »

20 Wishes.

Stole this idea from here It is the idea that you create twenty wishes for yourself for the next year. I do not like the idea of limiting these things to the first of the year but would rather have it start on any random day. So here it is. (a bit tough to make a list when you are not sure what or where you will be in the next year but nonetheless ….I have created this list to complete in One year from today. December 4, 2012-December 3, 2013. Enjoy….. 1. Read One ThousandView full post »

Dance Party. Pizza. Pinata.

Thursday evening pizza party, turned into dance party, piñata cutting, cake. One of the best Thursday evenings to date. Alison and her house of 17 came over for homemade pizza. We decorated, had activities, nail polish, and celebrated for nothing. Cake with sprinkles and a piñata filled with candy. (Piñata Jessie from Toy Story). We transformed our house to host 30 people. All afternoon Faye and Matt prepped homemade pizza. Pizza with cheese, pepperoni, ranch andView full post »