Gingerbread Day #14

It started in Preschool for them and 1st grade for us. The beginnings of what would become a great friendship. But it was not until Middle School the we combined to be the “four of us”.

Christie Lee and Me …. Stephanie and Brittany.

This year we celebrate Year 14 of making Gingerbread Houses at Mark and Lee Etta’s House on Christmas Eve Eve (although the day has changed in recent years to accommodate all of us). We gather at the same table, in the same room at the same house with the same agenda… spend time decorating, laughing, eating too much cheese tort, drink as many mimosas (one year we finished 12 bottles) as possible and celebrate all the we have to be grateful for…. most especially each other. This table has experienced its fair shares of joy with high school graduations, pharmacy school, physical therapy school, masters degree, successful jobs, lots of traveling, two marriages, and the newest edition Baby Juiliana. We went to four different colleges and now live in Central America, Colorado and Kentucky. While we have our joys we have also had our share of tears with breast cancer, breakups, moves, and most recently celebrating the life of Brittanys Dad (a second dad to us). But as with most things in this thing called life we continue to be grateful for the opportunity to be apart of each others lives for this long. My heart is full just writing about this most beloved tradition.

Each year we decorate, exchange Christmas gifts in the living room and then the Scott’s invite our families over for the evening before we have a sleepover in their basement. Our parents usually try and guess who’s house is who’s and then usually one of the Scott brothers gets the frozen margaritas going. We indulge in Lee Etta’s famous cheese dip and have Mexican food. We have been known to bring out the marshmallow guns and play a round or two of apples to apples all while listening to Mannheim Steamroller. The house gets more crowded as siblings and significant others gather for what becomes a house that reflects very much what the season is all about.

I thought I would share the photos I could find of us through the years. One day I will get them all together. As you can see we almost always sit in the exact same spots 🙂

Christmas 20091929267_624117341810_7412_n

Christmas 2010 (6 years ago)


Christmas 2012


Christmas 2013


Christmas 201512373166_10103658412798495_4355871781977414591_n

Not sure where the group picture is from this year (2010)???

Below are some of my favorite pictures and this one below taken this year 🙂 We are now 5!


An oldie but a goodie


One of my favorites is below from a year ago. Julianna in Stephanie’s Belly and Brittany Looking like a Barbie and Christie Lee and laughing at each other.


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