Monthly Archives: August 2016

Many of you read a while back that I took up the game of golf. You might be thinking why in the world would you do that? Trust me I sometimes ask myself that too. But my only answer is

It is something I have always said I wanted to do.

It was an idea… planted in my heart, that was a gift after cancer… What happens if there is no time to do the things I want? What if this is it? So I quickly began to imagine all the things I have always wanted to do. Some may call this a bucket list but I wanted to look at more simply. What things in my every day have I always wanted to do? This is where my brain began to compile things……

The first on my list was to learn to play golf. So guess what I did ? I signed up for golf lessons. I smile each time I step on the tee box… then of course focus. I accomplished something I had always wanted to do. I wanted to play golf with my dad and  over Fourth of July I got to do that. Since I started in May, I have played nearly once a week and continue to see improvement. I bought new golf shoes and remember my very first Par. As many of you golfers may know it is one of the most challenging of games, but somehow it keeps me coming back for more. Here is to a lot more fairways hit straight and perfect puts. Oh and I am now on the committee for the 2017 Indian Tree Golf Club Rally for the Cure. (golf and raising money for breast cancer patients). Count me in!

The next thing on my list was to get in my community more. I was unsure how this would play out but it was to simply be open to more opportunities to pour into the community in which I live. Whether that be by being a good neighbor, serving at the Denver Rescue Mission or opening my eyes to see others in need. I must say this has been the most rewarding of all. I look forward to more ways this becomes a reality in my every day.

“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming”…. Those are the words I repeat in my head each time I get in the pool. I have always wanted to be on a “Masters Team”. Masters team, simply means adult swim team. I have wanted this so much that a few years ago I researched all the teams in Denver, attended practice of one and felt intimidated.  Flash forward to a few weeks ago when a friend from the gym urged me to come to the masters practice. She and her husband promised that I would have a good time and despite my pride feeling crushed because I would be slow… that I needed to start somewhere. So I showed up. I have now officially joined the swim team and learned to swallow that pride. I even have a new friend (she is 63 years old) that I try and keep up with. Trust me she is good. In due time I tell myself in due time.

The last thing I will mention was my desire to get into a women’s bible study. The hardest, scariest of all of the above. It demands me to be vulnerable. It requires commitment and it could mean a lot of truth telling. Well I guess I got what I bargained for and some more. This summer I completed my first full bible study (meaning book cover to cover) ever. Trust me I have been in my fair share of bible studies, but always seemed to find an excuse, not enough time for homework and simply half assed it (whoops talking about bible study). I am a work in progress but aren’t we all.

I share all of these things only to ask you one question….

What have you always wanted to do? 

Learn to cook, get up early, call that friend, see that movie, bake that pie, invite them over, learn that sport…. oh the possibilities but seriously….

What have you always wanted to do?