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This post is a catch up on my busy summer of breast cancer events. As some of you may have seen I have the privilege of being selected as one of the 100 Ford Motor Company Models of Courage for this year. While I was unsure what this would entail and what this would mean, I have been quickly thrust into the world of Breast Cancer Survivorship as a result.

Shortly following our opening retreat,  one other Model of Courage, Jenny, and I were asked by Ford Motor Company to accompany them on a PR trip to New York City. As you can imagine I was thrilled and honored. In a three day trip, we met with six different Magazine Publications; Women’s Day, Parents, Good Housekeeping, Health, Marie Claire and Glamour. Crazy? Right?

The meetings were all very similar….. we met for about an hour, had the opportunity to share about the Ford Warriors in Pink Program and my story. Depending on the magazines target audience we would highlight different portions of our breast cancer journey that were relevant. The point of this you might wonder, is to get the Ford Warrior in Pink Program featured either online or in magazine print. All of the meetings took place in different parts of Manhattan at the specific magazine headquarters. My personal favorite was Marie Claire. Not only did we meet with one of the editors but she let me view the famous “Wardrobe Closet”. Think Devil Wears Prada…. a room full of Fall and Winters latest designs, shoes, purses etc. It was just like the movie and a dream!

The entire trip was exhuasting and good in so many ways. I have been contacted by two of the publications for more details  about my breast cancer experience so they can write their stories. Health Magazine completed their article and you can view it here. Last Friday, I was interviewed by an editor at Glamour for an article that they intend to run in Octobers issue of the Magazine. As soon as it is published I will share! The hope is that the additional publications will be writing or doing something … we will just have to wait and see.

Just last week I was honored to join Living Beyond Breast Cancer for Breast Cancer 360: Love, Sex and Relationships Body Acceptance after Diagnosis. Although I was a little nervous I sat alongside other survivors and physicians to share how we have learned to embrace, accept and at times hate our bodies post cancer. The discussion also shared about how to discuss your cancer while dating and some very honest side affects that affect intimacy. You can view the full panel discussion here!  This is the most open and honest I have been in public, not only about dating and intimacy but about my eating disorder past. I am so grateful for the Eating Disorder Center of Denver, that almost three years I came forward to my family and asked for help and my physician. If anyone you know or you are struggling I am more than happy to share with you how I have found freedom and that I believe you can too.

All of these experiences gave me the tremendous honor of sharing and being amongst other survivors which I found very encouraging.

Below are some photos I took in NYC and from last week! Hope you enjoy!


Photos below are from the Living Beyond Breast Cancer event and the gathering afterwards!