Last night I applied the Rogaine to my head! I am starting this process now that I am 21 days out from my last round of chemotherapy. Today would have been my fifth round of chemo, should I had that many. It was a good morning to wake up knowing I got to have my green smoothie, go to the gym and get Starbucks on my way in to work instead of preparing to go in for infusion.

I am an early morning riser and I love to savor the quietness that meets me in the early hours. Today I woke up feeling that it will be a good day.

Just this morning an older man in his late 70’s, who I have seen many times before at the gym, asked my name. He smiled at me and said that his name was Bob and it was nice to meet me. He wanted me to know that he sees me working out hard and he was impressed. I laughed and said Thank you. I explained that it helped me stay sane and was helping me through treatment. We spoke and he said that he would be gone the next month because his wife and him would be traveling to France. A week in Paris and three weeks in the South of the country.

I thought what a joy it must be. To share a life for so long with someone and to travel in old age.

My thoughts quickly turned to a brief moment of jealously. Longing that someday I may live to have those things. Recognizing this as simply a thought, I then let the thought pass and found myself grateful for my present. That I get to celebrate that I am no longer in treatment. I recognize that so many others never get to celebrate a last round of treatment. So many others never get to see remission.

I found myself grateful that today, a day I have waited for is here. My appointment is at 2:00 pm.

I learned yesterday that I will not receive my results until Tomorrow/ Friday or perhaps even Monday. Although I would love to receive them right then and there, I am still seeing today as a milestone day that will help me prepare for what will be next.

So while I am waiting for my appointment and waiting for my results. I am going lavish in the sweet moments that are before me in the unknown.

How could you rejoice in the waiting?

How does God meet you in your waiting?

As for other things ….I am finally sleeping through the entire night without any medicine (not even Benadryl, Melatonin or NyQuil) which is a cause for a celebration if I ever heard of one. As well I learned that my heating pad, while a comfort to my sore and sometimes achy body causes my hot flashes to flair up, so not having it in bed with me has reduced my flair ups by leaps and bounds. My finger nails however do not seem to be getting any better. They hurt and are more bruised than they ever have been but I expect the further away from treatment I am, they will improve.

And now to share a funny story from last fall….. I had the great pleasure of meeting Rory Mcllory at a restaurant in Denver. Not only did I meet him but I had a five minute conversation, which included him asking me where in town I lived, he talking about how he had been to Aspen before but was unable to ski for obvious reasons. As a HUGE Rory fan I was trying to keep calm and play it cool 🙂 Well last night I had a dream and Rory was in it. In preparation for the Masters we met again. He remembered me despite the fact that I pointed out how different I looked now that I do not have hair and that I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I am not sure if this means I am ridiculous or that I am just sending good luck to Rory in Augusta. Either way I am pulling for Rory this weekend!

I hope this finds you well today and thank you for thinking of me. As soon as I hear my test results I will make you all aware.

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone.

Love Kristina

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