The nurse just called to give me my results and I am happy to report the sort of good news.

By taking my blood they tested for two different markers: CEA and CA 27-29. Both markers are sensitive to breast cancer.

My CEA level was normal at 1.9.

However my CA 27-29 did rise to 19. It was 11.8 (in October 2014 when I was diagnosed).

I learned yesterday that the tumor markers are found in my blood and are produced by the cancer cells. My doctor informed me that even if the numbers were higher than normal range that she would not be concerned. She wanted me to know that there are a many number of things that may cause the number to be raised. If a number were to be high (higher than when I was diagnosed) than she would check me again in four weeks.  If the number progressively rose over a few months then we would need to do a further CT Scan or Pet Scan. Talking to her calmed my fears very much, as she was very confident I was clean and reminded me that the chemotherapy has lessened my chance of second occurrence tremendously.

Although my CA number rose, the nurse assured me that I should not worry, but that in one month I will have this tested again. She advised that due to chemotherapy it is very possible this is to blame for my elevated level.

I am going to go with that.

Thank you for your prayers and for patiently waiting with me. I am looking forward to a weekend of resting and being outside. I still tire easily but am slowly but surely catching up. I will update soon on what the next two weeks look like before my surgery on the 24th!

Have a great Friday everyone!

Love Kristina

Also a great picture of my hair slowly making a comeback!


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