My bike and trailer

I am home.

That was the text I received. My mom who flew in town one week ago is now back in Louisville. After caring for me, cleaning my house, fixing me meals, mulching our yard, planting flowers and holding my hand. I am left for the remainder of this week by myself, to rest and to allow my heart to slowly heal.

My words have not been much as the hurting has been far too great to express. Not a physical hurt. But the kind of hurt that is not mended by medicine, or food, or sleep.

The kind of hurt that simply heals with time.

My wounds are far greater than I knew. Much bigger than I led on to believe and they cut much deeper than I could have ever imagined them to do so. Just this morning while taking a brief walk, my tears streamed my face for all that the past seven months have been. I am simply overwhelmed. I am very tired and my ache is too great.

So I wish today only to share with you a letter I received in the mail from one of my second moms in Kentucky. She wrote me the letter as a response to my post regarding the little girl on her bike. You may read this post here.

Below is her letter:


Dear Kris,

I have been wanting to write you a letter for a long time. If its one thing I have learned, its to be patient and wait for the right time, then you’ll know what to say. 

I would like to address the girl on the bike. I knew that girl very well and I would like to add a few things:

#1 The girl on the bike had training wheels, why? I’ll never know. You would lean so far to the left, then to the right. Your mom and I would watch you and gasp, and just knew you were going to fall as you sped down the driveway.

What did I know back THEN…….

Those training wheels never balanced you. YOU Kristina, balanced yourself.

#2 The girl on the bike was someone who liked to travel. You forgot to tell your readers about your trailer. How you took a rope and tied your trailer AKA: Radio Flyer to your bike. The things you kept in your trailer were unbelievable. Baby buggy, blanket, books, plastic dishes, and of course, might as well bring along a friend.

What did I know back THEN…….

You always tried to prepare yourself for whatever lies ahead.

#3 The girl on the bike flew at great speed. She was destined to go somewhere. It may have been a small dead in street, but to you, it lead somewhere. It held purpose.

What did I know back THEN……

You have purpose,  You have destinations. You have determination.

Isnt it funny what all I know about the girl on the bike. All from a childhood not so long ago.

So when you see others riding their bikes through their childhood, remember yours, and know how happy I was to get a glimpse of where life would lead you with such great attributes.


*** I am the one on the right

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