Yesterday at the Hospital

Well yesterday did not go as I had planned. After waking up with a fever and alerting my doctor that I was able to break it, I thought for certain I would be told to lay low. Assuming that I would start feeling better that evening and return to work today.

But alas my plans…. Well lets just say they were not what took place.

As a bit of background, I am advised to alert the cancer center  every time I am running a fever or I have symptoms that are out of the norm. So following instructions I did just that. When they returned my call they requested I come to the hospital to exam me, have a chest x ray done and blood work. I suppose it is best to be checked and make sure I do not have infection but was still disappointed that I had to go in.

Around 11:30 am yesterday Chelsea drove me and we headed to the hospital for x ray first. After the kind lady checking me in asked about symptoms I was having, she said “You need to wear a mask. “I had already thought this may happen, knowing my counts are low and I am at a hospital where a lot of sick people are but needless to say it was not something I enjoyed.

After X ray I headed back over to the cancer center for blood work, cultures, and to see my doctor. Once they started taking my blood, tears filled my eyes. I do not want to be here anymore I thought. I do not want to be on a first name basis with these nurses and most certainly do not want to be poked again. Once my doctor walked in, it was obvious I did not feel well. I was shivering and she immediately began to explain what we would do. They would be filling me with a bag of saline hydration and give me a shot of neupogen to help boost my white blood cell counts. My white blood cells were unfortunately at a dangerously low point. At this point I was in tears. I did not want the shot. I had heard horrible stories about the shots side effects, bone ache, muscle ache and did not want anything to do with it. On top of this I have a cold that has caused sinus build up and I cannot seem to get relief.

I went back to the infusion room and was able to lay down in a bed. It was confirmed shortly after, that I was running a fever again and they would give me IV Antibiotic as well. I was asked if I would rather be admitted overnight to be monitored and given IV but I kindly said no. The hospital is the last place I want to be spending the night and leaving that place was the first thing on my list. A few hours passed, iv fluids, antibiotics and the shot all done and I got to go home. Even still with a minor fever.

So that leaves me today unfortunately with little to no relief. I am still not well. I am going back in around 1:30 to have my counts checked again (See if the shot helped at all). I will be given another shot and IV of fluids. I am praying that between now and 1:30 I start to improve, but at this point it seems very discouraging. And the ol rumor of bone ache due to the shot, it is very much true.

Thank you for praying, asking how I am and thinking of me.

I have my last round of chemo a week from tomorrow and want to stay on track, so I am praying I can get some relief and be on my way to feeling better. Thank you everyone.

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