Checking In

I feel like it has been a long time, so I thought I would give a very brief update this morning. I am currently not feeling so well. I woke up running a fever and will be going in to the hospital in an hour and half to have some tests done and a x ray. I am very frustrated as I have been fighting a cold and flu like symptoms for a while and have yet to get some relief. My blood counts are very low so my immune system has no opportunity to fight off infection. On top of this, I have not been sleeping and when I am, I wake up with night sweats and hot flashes. I go from shivering to sweating in a matter of moments.

I am tired of laying around. Tired of being limited by illness and side effects. I simply just want to feel good again.

Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated as I attempt to regain my strength and start feeling better. One week from Thursday I will be having my last round of chemotherapy!

I will try and update/ write once I start feeling better. My apologies on my absence.

Sending lots of love from a very sunny blue sky, snow capped mountain Colorado

Love Kristina

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